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Gambling discord works on fictional currency but looking for ways to monetize it!

This is a veganism advocacy-and-debate server. Let's not coddle each other's opinions, but let's keep it real and respectful. We support all social justice, so let's have a place to learn, discuss and explore all them. :)

We are a community that's just getting started. looking to build a community of non toxic people that like games. We have lots of rpg bot games, and reaction roles set up so you don't have to see categories you're uninterested in! come check us out!

Just a nice place to hang out talk and relax, talk about some video games and such.

The focus of this Discord Server is to support traditional (table-top, pen and paper) role-playing games played through remote tele-presence utilizing Discord's Voice/Video Channels and Text Channels, and the available role-playing dice/bot/helpers.

This is a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other members, and make new friends.

We offer cheap COD Accounts & Tools! Here are some examples: $6 for random aged phone verified $3 for aged non phone verified $1 for Freshy account non verified $2 for freshy phone verified

❖ We are a Professional Europian Organisation that is currently only focusing on the game, Fortnite.

HI! this is the Cbro's server, we just recently decided to get our server up and running again. We come from a Roblox group called The Cbro's, much like the server :p Anyways, we would love to have you, and would like some suggestions on our Server!

Ако сте самотни, не можете да се социализирате, но гледате аниме, четете манга или играете игри, то това е вашият сървър. Тук може най-накрая да се социализирате. Ще можете да обсъждате аниме, манга и игри с другите членове. Очакваме ви :D

Despite the name of the server, we're a small and wholesome community hoping to grow some more.

A social and welcoming community.

GAF discord server


We are a gaming community we also have some anime stuff we are always improving and growing

FRR is a great Roblox-Racing league that specializes in Formula 1 cars. With over 26 seasons done, and about to begin again soon, you can get a chance at a seat, in one of the greatest racing leagues ever!

Small active teen server with lots of bots and an economy where you can level up, earn special roles and make server money!