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Maki's cafe is all about making friends,talking about anime,games, and more!

A development server for a up-coming Discord server for Roblox, we require developers and moderators to help contribute to the game, as currently, it is a small server, join us and grow together as testing releases after a year of developing.

Welcome to Anime Casino Royale, this place is just a free casino with weebs, you can chat an have fun! This was kinda based off kakegurui because my waifu is yumeko!

"redefining design with exquisite execution"

we are team exe a part of aoe a siege clan

This server is based around Star Wars and Anime. Come join, make some friends, play some games, share memes and have fun :D I'd love to meet to people and make some great friends!

New server have fun and chill

Are you looking for a fun and loving community to make friends on? - Custom Emojis - Tons of Friends - Active Owners - Self Roles - And much more!

a community that enjoys games, anime, memes and friendship

We selling cheap Unitedmaster's artist, B4U electronics & clothes

Are you a gamer? Or you just want to hangout? Here in our community we loved also to hear your story...and made family there!

It's just a game we like to play in a cafe, we might make a Roblox game based on it soon. Don't really got a description, join if you want.

here's a safe spot for you to make friends and chat about your interests. :)

J2R discord server


Special server with special features. Auto mod, nitro giveaways, friendly content, fun, chill and hangout zone. Everyone welcome!

WTT is server for young trans people to chat in, and be themselves. We offer lots of cool channels, and friendly moderation.

Looking to improve yourself as a artist come join this server. Our goal is you don't have to feel alone when trying to improve, anyone beginner or veteran are welcome to helping each other level up.