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D&D one shot and campaign server

Join Pokémon Gen X Mega (Myuu) it’s for the influenced part. To start your adventure to the Pokémon world. You start from Kanto all the way to Kalos now. As the Myuu bot updates there will be more regions to discover and catch more Pokémon!

We create invite only lobbies so that people can play and have fun without modders, any modders will be banned and kicked instantly

Community server based and built around bots and entertainment. We do regular bot currency giveaways along with the occasional Nitro giveaways Dank Memer Premium [Robbing/Heisting off] Poketwo - shiny hunts - active spawns

We're a Biblically based community to help one another journey through life. If this is the expedition you want to share with fellow explorers join us now!


A Genshin Impact and other gaming community with: Exclusive giveaways, builds, guides, challenges, events and more!

A friendly server for Kpop girl group ITZY

Hi welcome to midnight city here we respect everyone and strive to be a better server!!! We love sailor moon and so much more so join us!

Hello. We’re a global community of privacy-minded builders. We’re trying to protect the world from surveillance and control. People here are helpful, funny, and kind. They care about freedom. Are you one of us? Hop on.

welcome to lowcord which is a family friendly server. we also have fun bots to mess around with so come check it out

Fun community server about everything and nothing Its fun come join!

Welcome, To Site-56. We Secure. We Contain. We Protect. We Have Music Bots, Self Advertising, Fun Roles, And Events. The Right Place For Anyone That Is Interested In SCPs. We Have Some SCP Writers Here As Well.

Unofficial Wumpus Discord Server

This is a veganism advocacy-and-debate server. Let's not coddle each other's opinions, but let's keep it real and respectful. We support all social justice, so let's have a place to learn, discuss and explore all them. :)