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, is a server where you can make friends and just be yourself! this server maybe be toxic at times, but must of the time its over something dumb. if you need friends, a chill server, or just a laugh, then this server is just for you! come and join

Bloom is an adult writing and roleplay server/community.

We are a Fun, and outgoing server! We love to chill, hangout, and laugh! We support and care for everybody, LGBTQ+, Disabilities, Race, Religion, all your unique things about you! We have a Roblox clothing group, and we cant wait to make friends!

Come hang out with us at Bunny Lounge!

Imposter Syndrome is a hub for high quality & friendly Among Us games. We also have an Academic section for students & we play various mini-games together. We're a thriving & lively community that welcome new arrivals with any set of interests!

Prism is a podcast and community of EDM producers that are passionate about growth.

A server to chill make friends and play games :)

Welcome to ReinVale, a fantasy-based server where NSFW and ERP is encouraged, yet while at the same time, it isn't JUST NSFW and ERP.

The official Ayyildiz Tim Discord Server, if you join our Server and stay for 4 Weeks you will get free nitro

We are a fun awsome funtime discord server that does among us and we are open to mod applications

Welcome to Memerule We offer 1. Non Toxic Community 2. We have fun bots 3. Minecraft community 4. Brawlhala Community 5. Rob/Heist Disabled

anime server for those who enjoy anime or games or just want to chill

Welcome to Otaku Haven πŸ‘Ί! We are an upcoming, small, growing community that loves anime and manga! You can speak about your favourite animes and mangas while also meeting new people here! Please support our server by atleast checking it out!