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A space for all things medieval, reenactment, and living history with community and private chats for members of the household.

Welcome to Codex, This server is where you can start learning cybersecurity and hacking, This server is also new so we want to become a big community. Help us with this goal.

A place for people who are ACTIVE, FRIENDLY, and 18+

have fun in this server we worked hard to get everything bots and channels the code is https://discord.gg/spAMCsBsfv

Welcome to Uno Reverse, in this server, we have fun and play some games including Among Us and Minecraft. You can request to play other games if other members are willing to play. Come join us and have some fun!

A fun place to chill, and hang out.

sp00ki server l0l, 18+

A fun and friendly place to to discuss securities and equities, including stocks and options.

Hello Thanks for clicking! We want to have a pretty laidback server, Where everyone can participate and nobody is excluded. There aren't as many rules as some other servers, Although, slander against gender/sexuality/religion etc will not be tolerated!

hi im LightLlama ill show you what the discord server is about

Advance Gaming wo jeder Willkommen ist , ob Streamer , Gamer oder sonstiges.

This is a minecraft towny server!

Bei uns ist jeder Willkommen // Deutsche Community

Welcome to FSG! This is a place where educational servers are regulated, the ones in our system. Here you can find some resources for making an education server, read up on our regulations, find out how we function, and much more!

yooo i might not b dere when juju come bck. but im jaylen.