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a fun place to chat about anything form fortnite, among us, roblox, minecraft and more!!!!!

• Partnerships & Events. • Leveling System + Chat Colors. • Adorable Emotes. • LGBT+ Friendly Community. • And So Much More!

a server to have fun at and we vc everyJoin the gay house - ❀ -Server to play games in! -We vc every night! -We play minecraft and roblox! (mostly bedrock!) -We have a minecraft realm! -We joke around a lot (don’t take what we say to heart

Join and you wont regret it

A fellow fantasy literate roleplaying server/community welcoming new people. (16+)

Новостное бюро "Twink" - Наш сервер включает множество сообществ и их число растет, ты сможешь найти свое место

Free Chegg with an ability to upgrade

"Are you looking for a server for everyone? Well, you found it! We're a hangout for all. It's says it in the name, look! Come join today!" lets get the chat going

979 discord server


We are a new server for gaming and fun. New members always welcome and will be hosting events and giveaways soon. We play many games and have fun.

We are a 18 Plus gaming community where we like to chill regularly after work and game and unwind with one another, we host regular weekly event so we can get together and game !

Platzhalter ist ein Gaming Discord mit einem Tic-Tak-Toe Bot, Casino und News Chats für über 10 verschiedene Spiele.

П̶О̶Д̶ ̶З̶Е̶М̶Л̶Е̶Й̶ This is an underground server for all the people who seek chaotic and toxic shit in their lives.

Enjoy your stay while you're here, take a look at memes, diverse games, get some game recommandations, sumbit your own poems, use server's custom emotes and much much more :)

A new era, for new people. This is the Nirbelle’s Helvete discord server, where everyone and everything is accepted; as long as you don’t violate another person’s comfort or the server’s guidelines. Stay metal and love Varg!

Overall just a small server looking for active members

Looking for a PS4 Roleplay Server that has Active Staff, Interactive Chat, and Daily Roleplays. Well Justice County Roleplay Server is for you!! ►Interactive 911 calls ►Active Staff and Applications for new staff member ►Roleplays Daily