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Topics range from interests and all Fandom to mental health and other things.

Welcome to the official server of mepholies youtube channel

At Paytop we do many things in our server, we list a number of ways our members can earn a side income from home, allow selling, trading, and buying of gift cards, products, accounts, etc, host free giveaways every now, and do free drops

Guys this is a social server were we have fun and talk about games and stuff! Join and subscribe to get the subscriber role witch would grant you many more permissions!

In short, we are a community of gamers of all kinds who are here to support streams and even find friends to play like games with. We have many other things to do in discord besides just chatting. And we are always up to suggestions!

Just a chill gaming server where you can find teammates and have a good time! We accept partnerships aswell.

this is where you can ifnd firends bt its new so theres not many people on it. its like a hangout, (like the name)

Politics and mental health! Free speech. Chill people. You can fight and argue but be respectful. 18+

Welcome to your very own personal, chatting, gaming, pogging paradise.

Gaming, Optimization, Fun, Tech, Tweaking

Hello this is a new server for friends, gamers and the discord community if you have joined the server we hope you have a nice stay and we will do our best to make this a safe and fun place for all

Join Star Wars Universe and unlock new lightsabers and force abilities and go up the ranks of the Jedi and Sith.

Safe space is a safe place for ideas, not feelings

Hi! Welcome to another reason we are a server where you can find everything you need in one place!

A fellow fantasy literate roleplaying server/community welcoming new people. (16+)

We have strawberry jam and mudcake