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A roleplay server on a place inspired by the backrooms.

Kate's Nightclub is a great place to make new friends and meet new people from all over the world. Meet people from Australia to North America! We also offer NSFW content, but we have a lot more to offer than just that.

Server for all fallout related topics, primarily New Vegas.

Hello and welcome. I've created this server with the intent of making a separate reality different from our own. We all need a little escapism now and then, and with this server, we can finally have an escape from the horror of the real world.

Have some fun while discussing about Cobra Kai, the numba one dojo! Remember, STRIKE FIRST, STRIKE HARD, NO MERCY...

✿ welcome to the moist gaping hole ✿ ✷ Let's stretch our assholes ✷ We have two thicc owners ✷ Also earrape me with your crusty voice ✷ lets play games together (we mostly play overwatch and destiny 2)

Aktivster Schweizer Discordserver

Frog is a growing non-toxic server for people who want to make new friends, play games & try and help us grow by being active! Everyone is welcome and accepted and we do our best to make everyone feel comfortable and hopefully you enjoy it :)

Welcome to Calligrafiends! Calligrafiends is a brand new and fresh Discord Community server that aims to gather each and every people around the World who desire to discover, learn, progress, network and share their works with calligraphers!

༉‧₊˚✧ hello ! i see you stumbled upon my server while searching through here ! hope you're having a good day today :) ʚ here's a few reasons why you should join : ɞ ⇢ there are none ! ⇢ feel free to come in and have a nice talk with anyone :)

This is an open and welcoming community server for cross stitchers and other fiber artists alike. We welcome people of all skill levels and experience and are more than happy to help each other learn our favorite craft(s). We feature community events like

Just a chill gaming server where you can find teammates and have a good time! We accept partnerships aswell.

Topics range from interests and all Fandom to mental health and other things.

Stuck at home, but loads of homework from school? 📚 No classes yet and exams coming up? It must be difficult to motivate yourself to tackle the school work when you're alone. Guess what? You're no longer! ☀️