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An active community for people at various stages of awakening. We regularly voice chat and engage with each other in fun ways.

A fun server with some bots like akinator and rpg bot. This server is for pretty much anything. (read rules please)

Welcome to gamer hangout

Welcome to AD Stocks. One of the most profitable trading discord you'll ever see. We share the most profitable trading strategies out there, we have back tested over 100 trading strategies and we are sharing the best out of them!

So, you like gfx huh? I think this server is just right for you!

Ein kleiner Community Server^^ schaut doch mal vorbei;)

Are you interested in a server with fun minigames or just a server to have a relaxing time?Well Alastcord is a community discord server made to help people have fun,chill and make friends!

Zdravím. Pokouším se nějakým způsobem rozvíjet svůj discord server a udělat z nězho větší komunitu kde se bude hrát, dívat se na filmy apod

this is the discord guus439 made for the Xenon MC server

Minecraft, Warframe, GTA , Other Games, and Memes ofcourse.

Advertise Lineage 2 server / Clan or cp / Stream etc

We are a new server with general discussions between girls and boys in English and Greek. The server is managed by a girl :-). Wanna join?

We embrace all weird, and we have about 20 bots, each with individual channels. We have everything we need for a growing community! We are definitely up to date on moderation, too! Have fun!


Acesta este serverul Romaniei de Rocket League. In acesta poti discuta, face trade-uri sau a te juca Rocket League!

Wir sind aktuell eine kleine Gruppe an Leuten (größtenteils deutschsprachig). Jeder ist wilkommen der sich korrekt verhält. :) Wir sehen uns!