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Hey, schön, dass du da bist! Wir sind BetterZ - eine deutsche SkyBlock Gilde für jedermann! Schau doch mal gerne bei uns vorbei ;)

Read the long description, it tells you everything that you need to know

So, you like gfx huh? I think this server is just right for you!

Hier versammeln sich alle Techwear-Liebhaber und Interessierte, aber auch Streetwear und Darkwear Enthusiasten.

The Circus is the server with the best designing ever on discord. Cute, aesthetic designing, nice and chill community and more...

A server in progress, looking to create a space where shotas and milfs could RP and enjoy of each others.

This is the official server for Fear in the Foundation, a tabletop RPG focused on the exploits of the SCP Foundation and everyone else in its universe.

Hey there! Do you do competitive coding? Wanna be a good coder? Then this is the place for you :)

Hello! Are you a car lover? Well, you're in the right place! Welcome to the paradise of car lovers, photographers, spotters, designers and owners!!! We have cars and games channels, and a lot more!!

Hackers Universe is a Ethical Hacking community, if you are just starting out or a pro ethical hacker come and join!

We are a sexuality friendly and race friendly server where you can speak freely We don't tolerate racism and discrimination. We are an anime server but we also welcome people who don’t watch anime!

This server is for people that are into gaming and are looking for more people to play with or find friends we this server is also for people that are interested in making friends or just want to hangout.

A fun Minecrafter community with a Minecraft server! Events! Survival! Amazing Community of people!

A place of encouragement for people who want to discover their spiritual side, practice their craft, or simply chat.