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Hello from Dalgona! Our gaming community makes its home in a café themed server, filled with delicious coffee and sweets!

Hey! This server is mostly for community, gaming, discussing and chatting. We welcome everybody to our server, feel free to communicate!

Want a new fun ways to practice and apply your Japanese skills? Come and study with us at Black Cat Japanese Translation club. We are a community more than 700 Japanese learners of all skill levels, working to translate games, manga etc.

The Bedroom community is a place for all walks of life on the internet. The majority of our lives we spend our most iconic personal moments crying, laughing, bleeding, and being angry in our bedrooms. The best way to feel it all is with friends. :)

Chill server full of slims/blobs

LightningLandsMC Discord Server The Official Discord Server for LightningLandsMC Minecraft Server. Join For A Great Community, Good Staff, And just a good time :)

This is a great server centered around roblox but is not only roblox and should have a LOT of fun here!

A community hub for artists, creatives, adventurers, and fans.

Join our Server to make friends. Find game members.

This server is for people who are avid fans of the Skate series made by EA and Blackbox!

This is a call of duty server mainly for call of duty: cold war. The main purpose is to play online with others.

A server with music bots, voice channels and we're hoping that you join us in order to become a bigger server with more active users.

Hello We Are Immortal Solutions a Company That was founded on July 5th. We Offer Lots Of Different Products. We also Host lots of fun ways to win a cad.

Divination, Bots, Fortune-telling, Tarot, I Ching, Runes, Cartomancy, Pendulum, Scrying, Astrology, Horoscope, Supernatural, Paranormal, Fringe

Discord Hangouts is a social experience so you can make friends, talk to your friends, Play with really cool bots and much more!!! One of the main reason of this is to HAVE FUN!!!!!

We're a community server that is themed around the cartoon character Patrick Star! We are a welcoming community that loves to talk and make new friends together.