Stuffies And Puffies server icon
Stuffies And Puffies

A server for fat and inflation aswell as for furries

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Genrefy server icon

Genrefy, a community for all the musicians and non-musicians has a simple single motive that is to provide every musician out there with work.

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Library of Code™ server icon
Library of Code™

We are a non-profit organization, our mission is to educate future developers & help novice or experienced developers.

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The Lemon Collection server icon
The Lemon Collection

Hello, My name is Lemon, and this is part of my collection. I collect discord servers for various reasons. Please consider donating ownership of your server to me by following the steps below, it would be greatly appreciated.

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PLAY.MYNTORA.NET - Minecraft Earth 1:1000 server icon
PLAY.MYNTORA.NET - Minecraft Earth 1:1000

Myntora Network is a 1.8 - 1.16+ Minecraft Earth 1:1000 Experience that will soon be offering Mini Games. Our network will release in a few months! 50% of network profits go to a different charity monthly like the Trevor Project & The Obama Foundation.

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Blaze Industrie server icon
Blaze Industrie

Un serveur discorde créé par des bénévoles, ciblés sur l’Entraide et la Création de serveurs Discord pour la communauté francophone.

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G59 Discord server icon
G59 Discord

The official /r/G59 Discord server. If you listen to $uicideboy$ or Ramirez come join.

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Littles in Wonderlandꔫ server icon
Littles in Wonderlandꔫ

Littles in Wonderland is a primarily SFW server dedicated to those in the CGL/BDSM community. We offer NSFW chats and roles upon age verification, and we hold weekly events. New moderators are needed!

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Hentai Zone🔞 server icon
Hentai Zone🔞

╔ ♡ LGBTQ+ friendly ╠ ♡ NSFW channels of all kind ╠ ♡ Hentai streaming ╠ ♡ Growing community ╠ ♡ Fun bots and voice channels ╠ ♡ Reaction roles for all your needs ╚ ♡ Quality over quantity

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/gamer server icon

Here you'll find lll the latest gameplays and trailers, official reveals of new games irrespective of the genre of the game Tune into lal the fun by joining this server.

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R.R.G.S COMMUNITY server icon

Welcome to the R.R.G.S. Community! We Are A Community Also We are Streamers Who Want to Help Others Grow So We Support Those Who Support Us

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Young royals. Chill and hangout server icon
Young royals. Chill and hangout

Young royals discord server with a nice and chill climate where you can rant and talk about young royals

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