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Server for random shit and memes/banter *snowflakes will be kicked*

Yess, it's a religion.. The moment u join us you are a bahahian.. It's made of the most open minded and funny and wholesome people.. No age limit but also no bullshit. Made differently for evryone to feel comfortable no matter introverts or something.

We are dedicated to real world praxis, here's a sample of projects that we are currently working on: writing articles, blogs, books together, making videos for our Youtube channel, Learning languages to understand world-theory and connect with others!

Hello! And Welcome To Roblox Friends :D in this server you can chat and play Roblox and other games. We are a fairly New Server! And We Are Looking For New Mods Everyday.

Hiii i have a super chill discord that im trying to grow, movie nights every friday and gaming chats and talks everyday 🐙 will u join? 🧚🏻‍♀️

vibe play games n do cool stuff hahahahah also promo ur music and meet artist and new friends (:

Dank memer based server looking for new members

A nice community with room to grow.

a place to chill out and also Earn money! Where the most active chatter gets $15 prize. Contest ends in 1 month from now. (No spamming) Then the most active chatter will get $5 every month

The Lab™️ is a roleplay-based server revolving around a loosely SCP-inspired laboratory, where both subjects and scientists alike seemingly cannot leave. It's up to you to decide what happens; Will you stay, comply? Or will you rebel? Why not try both!

ENG: We are a Minecraft Discord, hosting PVP events such as Varo and Meetups DE: Wir sind ein Minecraft Discord, der Varos, ODVs und Meetups Hostet.

WE ARE HIRING! Wanna be in a fantasy, sci-fi or any other world building theme? Wanna be in an anime/manga world filled with monster girls and such? Head right in. (Disclaimer: We do not have much so please provide as many suggestions as you can. Thx!)

FXL discord server


This is a fifa 21 league with 10 teams At 300 members we will add another 10 teams We are looking for staff and managers also if you want to play for a team you can Pls join this to help our goal of 300 members