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This is a Pakistani Entertainment Server of Zayn aka MZA where you can enjoy chatting with different people and friends and play different games in dedicated servers

Splitgate Discord community server with active LFG, Tournaments, game discussion, events and more! Join us!

『Dusk's Redemption: Higure』 "Dusk’s Redemption is an indie project about a guy that gets "isekai'd" to hell. When he reunites with a reincarnation of his childhood friend, they then set out in search for the killer to get their revenge." ✦

mission is to have fun

Official Discord Server of /r/SoftwareDevCommunity. You can improve yourself with programmers.

Wholesome server.

Chill discord server for anyone who wants to join. We don't have many members yet but we are always looking for more people who wants to join. :)

An (18+) active, fast growing & close knit community. Come be a part of our drunken voice chats, movie/game nights, and great discussions. We are a mental health/illness focused server, but anyone can join.

Une communauté de Québecois pour VRChat et autres jeux.

Hello where just a bunch of otaku/weebs that are looking to build a fun and loving anime manga community. Where we can watch/read anime+manga togeher and talk about all the good stuff in it. We hope for all of us that we just meet new people and have alot

This server is empty for now. But I dream big, and wish that you will join here. We will do everything :D. Elon Musk, maths, music, language, games - everything.


We play rocket league a lot and chat. Sometimes rocket league giveaways

welcome to a small server called pals! we recently made the server but were hopping to meet new friends :) please join if you would like to make new friends :))

[TBSE] Imperial Dockyard is a discord server for all naval enthusiasts alike whether you play games or take part in activities in real life this is their server for you! Join our amazing community of over 300 members today!