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*・༓ ☾ A cozy server for girls to play World of Warcraft and other games such as Among Us, League of Legends, Animal Crossing, and much more ☽ ༓・*

A community with good memes and great dreams

We are a growing server and we play among us and Minecraft! (We also love drugs)

We got memes and hangouts.

A server that will help you with coding and programming in ANY language!

We here hate gays. All of them should fucking die. I don't care if you come and say "Oh I'm gay" and troll as long as you're not gay yourself. So yeah. We are going to attempt to outlaw gays in the United States and more countries.

Welcome to suscord! A server where you can make friends, grow bonds, and enjoy discord as a whole. We are a new server, and we want this place to be a safe space for all! Join suscord today, you wont regret it. We do giveaways as well. Join ASAP!

In this server, we host fun seasonal events, we have fun channels, and a nice community!

COVID LIVE is about the latest COVID-19 info for Australia & New Zealand. Do you know today’s numbers in Australia & New Zealand, if not, join!

A server for all your anime and gaming needs.

We are a small server but we have really nice staff. We are still growing, and there will be more to come to the server :)

8thwndr is a discord for the clothing brand 8thwndr, we are fun and are very friendly and welcoming, we talk alot also!

We play minecraft, simp for the Dream SMP do vrchat, talk a lot of politics, and are pretty active. I am big boi twitch streamer, pls join.

Chello! This is our server gopnik, with true friendly slavic staff, friendly gopniks, we can add u whatever u want! So what ru waiting for Comrade?

Green Origin Investments is an investing community that engages in trading stock options.

a server to play among us (with or without vocal, and in any language)