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a wholesome anime based server!

Join to find other people go play with and to keep up to date with my streams and posts! Any help is appreciated!😁

New Gamer Community/Marketplace. We have many active users to talk to and games of all sorts to chat about, from Minecraft to Destiny 2 to NBA 2K. You can buy and sell items on our marketplace. More info at: https://thegamersaxis.wixsite.com/thegamersaxis

A pro LGBTQ+ FNaF roleplay server! Come be part of a group of amazing members and come have a little rp fun!

Small Star Wars based server but focused on gaming, memes and chatting.

~What we have in store for you~ Lots of bots like Dank Memer, Pokecord,MEE6, and Tatsu. Learn how to be a gacha editor and be a editor. A great community.

We are a safe, welcoming server based on our love for anime/manga/gaming! This server does not tolerate any kind of racism, transphobia, homophobia etc. etc.. we always will accept anybody and everybody to join this server! We will be waiting<33

InScane is an American YouTuber with a dream and a passion to build a community way beyond what he can create himself.

Casual gaming and chatting community for ages 18+. We like to play CSGO, League, Rocket league, escape from tarkov, Warzone, Siege etc. We have chats music, sports, game sales and update links, and many more!

We like to hangout and have fun with bots!

Welcome to Anime Lounge! We host giveaways every week! | Boost Rewards | 500+ Emotes | Waifu Bots | Selfies | 15,000+ Members | 30,000+ msgs a day | Join now ツ discord.gg/lounge

A great server to meet new people and friends!

Adventure Quest guild server. If you play and are interested in joining our guild. Please join.

「 The Cottage 」 The Cottage is a server for mental health and peer-to-peer support!

Group Roleplay, Weekly Sessions. Many different written plot-adventures where your choices will impact and adapt the story.

This server is like a mini matriarchy! Its an Nsfw server with a focus on femdom content.