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A place to meet new people and play games with

Join Pokémon Gen X Mega (Myuu) it’s for the influenced part. To start your adventure to the Pokémon world. You start from Kanto all the way to Kalos now. As the Myuu bot updates there will be more regions to discover and catch more Pokémon!

We're a Biblically based community to help one another journey through life. If this is the expedition you want to share with fellow explorers join us now!

A server for gaming, anime and music. (the server is still under construction)


A Genshin Impact and other gaming community with: Exclusive giveaways, builds, guides, challenges, events and more!

Its a server where we can help you with games,we can chat,or you can become staff!!!

If you are looking to find people who are interested in Anime, Memes, or even just wanting people to game with then feel free to join this discord with over 300+ gamers on different platforms!

Hey! Join The discord server for biscuit.

Gambling discord works on fictional currency but looking for ways to monetize it!

Server for twitch.tv/mamameesee

a place to have fun, play and make friends

For fans of Jade Empire, BioWare's RPG originally released for Xbox in 2005.

Welcome to a server made by Zors! This server is a chill place where you can talk about anything, especially gaming and game development.

The focus of this Discord Server is to support traditional (table-top, pen and paper) role-playing games played through remote tele-presence utilizing Discord's Voice/Video Channels and Text Channels, and the available role-playing dice/bot/helpers.

This is a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other members, and make new friends.