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Very cool minecraft server, mhm! The server is based on anime, Minecraft & my twitch & youtube. (You won't get spammed with notifications though) -_0

Hallo semua, kami dari Server AmongUsNime mengajak kalian untuk bergabung di server kami.

Fortnite scrims server for practice in middle east hosted by Yunite and contains a mayhem elite ladder

server of people and random stuff to do. we chill but 5 people watch out for them.

Lull mean calm or send to sleep, typically with soothing sounds or movements. Basically a chill server where to can talk with new people. Play games watch anime or movies together you know like a sleepover but online.

Ano Security Guard

Ein chilliger Gaming Server! Auf Wolke 7 findet man nur entspannte Leute und kann in Ruhe mit anderen zocken!

Come and meet new people and literally talk about anything!!

We make discord for low prices. Take a look and get a garanteed good server

Der Deutsche Among Us Discord Server! Spiele mit Anderen! Nutze unsere serverinternen Emotes! Und vieles mehr

Sveiki. Čia Marius a.k.a Davai Žaidžiam Youtubėje. Kviečiu užsukti visus norinčius į mano discordą. Kuriame keliu naujienas apie naujausius video, kuriame pakalbam apie ūkį ir bites, padedam chėbrai su iškilusiais klausimais, leidžiam smagiai laisvalaikį.

Attero Dominatus is a Nation RP in the nuclear and post-nuclear era where you have to act as the leaders and kill all the mutants along the way. You can become a mutant leader or the hero of the world. The choice is yours. Welcome to our Roleplay!

A fun place to chill and play games.

Competitive cash prize tournaments weekly. Join us, make friends and win cash/prizes.