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Gaming Server for every Gamer.

An active new and friendly bird and gaming community! Everyone is welcome! Come hang out and chat about anything at all! Games, Birds, Bots, and Events!

this server is mostly just to chill, so just like the title, a hangout place! :)

A Small Chat for Yungblud fans, Or anyone else who loves music, For now we are small and hoping to grow

Anaguel's discord server! - Chill community - Active chats - NSFW Channel - Mature & friendly! - Selfie channel - Ranking System & lots of fun features!

This is a channel focused on chatting, playing games, and having fun

Being a hater of people nowadays is much, much easier. Previously, moral and philosophical reasons could lead to misanthropy, while today it is more defensive, reactive, yes, even instinctive and reflexive.

Fun hangout server talk about anime and games and more basically just a chill server

Rainy Days is a chill server where you can chat, meet new people, and have fun. We have much to offer not just a lame chat room (pinky promise!) So what are you waiting for? Come chat with us!! ;)

Looking to sell or buy products? Then our server can help you! What do we have? -Partnerships (open to all servers) -Friendly Community -Tons of staff, we are also hiring! -Invite 10 people and get premium rank!

Join for: -inclusive community for everyone -chats for many games -expanding staff team (applications open at member goals) -active owner -24/7 support with tickets -friendly, helpful, and active staff -fun minigames -fun economy system -music!

Chill community that plays most games and hosts multiple events/tournaments! 70+ members and growing!

i run this dicord w my brother :D

The Vortex Imperium is a Roblox clan that uses both guns and swords to take out their competition. We look for more members all the time along with active officers to host events.

A multilingual server which caters to various different types of internet peoples; gamers, artists, content creators, musicians, comedians, lurkers, shitposters, ect.