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Hello! We are Genshin Galaxy, the home of Galaxy.Bot! We are here to hang out, have fun, and chill. Have fun chatting and enjoy your stay!

D4RK L3AKS is a service that gives you the option to get the best FREE leaked Fivem scripts, Fivem ingame Money, Discord Nitro. All for a very low price.

A great community for all things fantasy football! Source for Fantasy Football Content: Advice, Stats, Analysis and more📈📊

A PVZ Versus Mode Community. Matchup here to find people to play PVZ {Versus Mode, Coop Mode, Multiplayer Fan Games}

join 4 a cookie <3🍪

📜 We pledge our fealty to the 👑 King of Salem, and give our solemn vow to follow the ✝️Grand Cross, a bestowal Son. We promise to keep the secrets of the Order close to our heart. ♥️ - Knight Commander Gabriella TO THE DOGGED THE PATH WILL BE SHOWN

A language learning server with 20 languages available, the continuation of the original LLDC.

This server is dedicated to sharing, making far-left memes and having a good time!

The Official Discord Server for Forgeware Studios, a group that makes FANTASTIC Roblox Experiences.

DARK AETHER COD Cold War Zombies Modded Boosting Lobby I also offer max rank and max gun rank along with DM ultra camo!

A small community server that provides you with emotes, events, people to be friends with and weekly updates improving the server. Duccord is a growing small community for people of all kinds to come in and talk.

If you too are obsessed with 'Souls-Like'gaming, hop along to our friendly 15+ community.

We are a streaming and gaming community that enjoys playing games and sharing moments together :D

We are a safe, LGBTQ+ friendly, 18+ server that welcomes all kinds of hentai and guro kinks! We aim to provide a safe environment to fantasise about kinks, including darker ones. Under no circumstances should these fantasies leave the realm of fiction.

Hey, welcome to my Anime Community join Now to play some popular games like Mudea,pokemon and dank memer.

A community solely focused around MCYT’s mainly from the dream smp but everyone is welcome :]