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The focus of this Discord Server is to support traditional (table-top, pen and paper) role-playing games played through remote tele-presence utilizing Discord's Voice/Video Channels and Text Channels, and the available role-playing dice/bot/helpers.

Welcome to ZateFeto club social & gaming community, I also entertain my fellow friends & viewers on streams and such, Come have fun with us.


Hey there, are you looking for some people who also watch the same anime as you? You found the right place!

₊˚ learning japanese? ₊˚ want to speak in japanese? ₊˚ want to meet people with similar intrests? 『 come join us in cafe tokyo! 』 what we offer: ꒰ language help channel ꒰ friendly community ꒰ fun and helpful bots

Come check out Hako No Soto a cool hang out spot for all your nerd needs. We are 18+ and love new people to join us. Come hang out in a drama free server that you will be accepted into.

For chatting, sharing, laughing, gaming, chatting, listening! Would really appreciate you to join we love new members!

A fun server were you can chat and defend your side against other ppl

A fun community server that will soon commence in a killing game. This server has its own lore so look out for that if you want to solve some background.

- Have problems with your homework/studying? - Tell us about it. - You can find tutors or even apply to be one yourself by filling in an application.

hey there! i’d love to invite you to Ath3na’s castle! we’re a super friendly server with plenty of LGBT representation and we talk about gaming and dungeons and dragons and plenty of other things

*・༓ ☾ A cozy server for girls to play World of Warcraft and other games such as Among Us, League of Legends, Animal Crossing, and much more ☽ ༓・*

The sever isn’t gonna be too good and not to bad come by we accept dating and it’s 13-18 so it your in between the age gap join no reason not too>3

GROM Prey Day Survival PreyStars Kabix Clan motto: Legends Never Die PreyDay Survival PreyStars https://www.youtube.com/c/Kabix https://discordapp.com/invite/WMufTEE Dołącz do nas 👊 Prey Day Survival Grom Clan

We Play Minecraft Bedrock/Pocket Edition! - A Gaming Server! 🎮 - A Community Server! 🏢 - A Chill Hangout Server! 📺 - A Very Active Server! 💬 - Random Giveaways Sometimes! 🎉 - Lots Of Fun! 🏆

if you like brioche this is the ideal place that makes pear you.