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ENG: We are a Minecraft Discord, hosting PVP events such as Varo and Meetups DE: Wir sind ein Minecraft Discord, der Varos, ODVs und Meetups Hostet.

WE ARE HIRING! Wanna be in a fantasy, sci-fi or any other world building theme? Wanna be in an anime/manga world filled with monster girls and such? Head right in. (Disclaimer: We do not have much so please provide as many suggestions as you can. Thx!)

Casual + Competitive Gaming Streaming + Content Creation Graphic design + Video Editing Non-toxic + No exceptions Head over to https://verocity.gg/ to check out our site and learn more about what the Verocity Gaming community offers!

Artisty talents is a Server made for artists of all kinds to share their artwork and make friends!any kind of art! crafts, digital, traditional, writting, etc! just no 18+ stuff is allowed in the server since anyone is welcomed, so some are minors!

We invite you to Violet Lights, a NSFW and hentai based Discord community new to the scene, but quickly growing ! We are LGBTQ friendly and don't discriminate !

We are a small community server hoping to grow, we have bots and sometimes game nights we welcome everyone.

The Hangout is a Discord server that focuses on being a casual chatting place where you can meet new people, make friends and over-all have fun. We also have a Minecraft server. :>

A server basically for everything! 50+ channels and cool features!

TXG discord server


A gaming community that focuses on Hypixel / Roblox / Fortnite. This is a Spanish / English server! (Looking for Staff)

Hello this is a social/ gaming server everyone is welcome I hope you like it. I’ve only just created it so it would mean a lot if you would join :)

A server where you can follow and discuss tennis with ease!

new server! new friends!

PixelCraft is a pixel Art & Animation Creation Tool Built using HTML5 Canvas. It is a Progressive Web App (PWA) with offline compatibility. It is mobile-friendly and is very easy to use.

| 🤖 | We got some cool bots and some fun and custom commands | 🎵 |We have some music voice channels and gaming voice channels | 🤜 | server where you will find friends easily | 😌 | chill server | 🎉 | giveaways

Hallo an alle wir wollen ein Discord Server mit leuten haben die bock auf eigene Minecraft Modpacks haben die wir selber erstellen. ^^

Zábavný malý server kde najdeš spoustu funkcí a všechno co potřebuješ k maximálnímu uspokojení :D (taky jsou tu roomky na garticphone.io)