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Hello. We are a new server that needs active staff and more members. it would mean a lot if you support us.

The Metropolitan Club is a social & community server! Join today, and make friends and play games in our everyday hangout server!

Hey! If you're intrested in gaming, anime or/and mcyts, you should join our discord! It's a great place place to make new friends and just play some minecraft (or other games) with great people. See you there!

We are dedicated to real world praxis, here's a sample of projects that we are currently working on: writing articles, blogs, books together, making videos for our Youtube channel, Learning languages to understand world-theory and connect with others!

A nice community with room to grow.

A fun community to hang out and socialize.

a place to chill out and also Earn money! Where the most active chatter gets $15 prize. Contest ends in 1 month from now. (No spamming) Then the most active chatter will get $5 every month

ENG: We are a Minecraft Discord, hosting PVP events such as Varo and Meetups DE: Wir sind ein Minecraft Discord, der Varos, ODVs und Meetups Hostet.

Here in HIVE, we dedicate our priorities towards the gaming experience. We encourage people to expand their gaming collection. With us, find similar gamers on familiar platforms to party up with, host and join events, or simply have a good time talking.

WE ARE HIRING! Wanna be in a fantasy, sci-fi or any other world building theme? Wanna be in an anime/manga world filled with monster girls and such? Head right in. (Disclaimer: We do not have much so please provide as many suggestions as you can. Thx!)

Artisty talents is a Server made for artists of all kinds to share their artwork and make friends!any kind of art! crafts, digital, traditional, writting, etc! just no 18+ stuff is allowed in the server since anyone is welcomed, so some are minors!

*Self-promo channels for anyone to use!* *trading channels* *spam friendly* *active mods* *fighting channels* *respectful community* *Self-Assignable roles (Colours, age, Pings)* *giveaways* *invite rewards* *music vc* *rob free* *heist free*

idk but you should join🌝

Hi Guys It’s BigQuiggz here, why don’t you come join our ever growing community on Discord! We talk about all topics lol, we’re an active Discord so don’t be scared to chat we don’t bite lol