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The Free Hunt SMP universe is a Dream SMP contemporary, that is based on ideas from the Hunger Games Franchise.

This is anime/gaming server for people to talk about anime/gaming.

Mjesto namijenjeno povezivanju naših ljudi u igri Star Wars: The Old Republic bez obzira na server na kojem igraš, frakciju za koju igraš i gildu čiji si član (ako si uopće u nekoj gildi) :)

We are a community based on the game Among Us in the EU servers. If you like to play on the EU servers then come here.

Please don't join the server if you aren't going to talk in it at all. We want new members, but not ones that won't ever talk in chat. Do keep that in mind.

Welcome to monke server we are a meme and monke fan page we also play minecraft and it is very chill we would like to have more people and would appreciate if you joined.

Chill and Chat with someone about any topic you want, cant really describe it just a supportive community

This is a minecraft server that involves a full city (Which is still under construction). At the moment you should be able to purchase apartments just by earning money using our own custom currency. Join today for 24/7 Minecraft Server Hosting!!

Yup, it's a cult. Most members are anime fans, especially Durarara fans, but anybody's welcome. If you like to troll, stop on by, I do too. Just don't troll stupidly. No strict rules, we're here to chill and do sacrifices.

The ❀✧–ᴋ-ʜᴜʙ–✧❀ is a place where you can talk about K-pop, K-drama or even anime. Our server has supportive staff. We are a small and cozy server with an aesthetic and non-toxic enviroment that is sure to please.

Welcome to the beta version of the server of NeoOrbis, a project that plans to build the world in the style of another dimension, everything will have to be organized slowly but surely, but it's possible to accomplish!!

We are Forbidden Esports, Normally a Rocket League server. But we can do better than that. We Are also a chill server. We do nitro giveaways Trying to hit 80 members!

We are a server dedicated to making the Israeli community grow, know each other and play with each other, Whether you are looking for friends who share your love for the game, or just someone to climb the ranks with, This is the place for you!

Friendly community based server. Games we love are Fortnite, Among US, Tanki Online and Few games by supercell such as Clash Royale and Brawl Stars Roles are earned by being active in server!, we own different chats, just get along and enjoy!

Looking for a server about the CW show Legacies? Then the Official r/Legacies discord server might be the place for you.

We're a bunch of degenerates who happened to fall upon each other through the Labyrinth of life (see what I did there? *wink*) We're a community server with no purpose but to make friends, have fun and hang out. Everyone is welcome! ♥️♥️