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Amazon Refunding Service 75% Off Amazon Items $3,000 and below. Join the server for details and pm raf#0003 with any questions.

Welcome and enjoy the first and only DEVO discord server

NSFW - Chatting - Trying to get it active again - English mainly - chat for foreign

Just like the box dimension, we've got wild, wacky, weird fun, paying homage to what was lost years ago. Sadly, not affiliated with Club Penguin. But, we'd be willing to be!

We are a server with lots to do looking to grow! :D

Pls join because I need more memebers

This server is For Talking and Gaming And Have Fun With Your Friends

No rules, Admin privilege's, Gamer Word

Hello. We are a new server that needs active staff and more members. it would mean a lot if you support us.

The Metropolitan Club is a social & community server! Join today, and make friends and play games in our everyday hangout server!

Hey! If you're intrested in gaming, anime or/and mcyts, you should join our discord! It's a great place place to make new friends and just play some minecraft (or other games) with great people. See you there!

A stupid version of Dungeons and Dragons. I am bored so i decided i wanted to DM text only.

A server made from fans of cats. We also allow doggos, this server is currently in a small state so we are hoping for more members.

Hello welcome to weebs server I dont have the time to tell you why to join us just I your a weeb bored has nothing to do join us we are family friendly we have 9 bots uhh yeah we give new suggestions everyday and you can give us too and bla bla bla k bye

Here in HIVE, we dedicate our priorities towards the gaming experience. We encourage people to expand their gaming collection. With us, find similar gamers on familiar platforms to party up with, host and join events, or simply have a good time talking.

A fun community to hang out and socialize.