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Meme Squad is a server based on memes and posting them in the chat. I love memes and want to share my hobby of making them with other people. My server is still new and I'm looking for suggestions.

Welcome to Envision! We are a general use discord server for your every day chatting needs and a daily dose of the internet. All sorts of people are welcome here! from people without jobs to doctors and young people to the elderly!

Friendly chats, Something for Everyone, The community for you, have fun.

A 13+ LGBTQ server

You can add all your friends. (NOT MANDATORY.) You can make live broadcasts. You can suggest a game. You can follow. NEVER SHARE Your Credentials! DO NOT SHARE Inappropriate Content! DO NOT THREATEN ANYONE. (Applies to this Group.)

We provide - Competitive Esports Teams - Perm Ranked Teams - Looking For Group - Chill Zones for people to enjoy a relaxing time with their friends and many more...

Active and welcoming community for trades, giveaways, and events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! We plan to create partnerships with other servers as well as provide members with a fun experience while getting items, villagers, and more!

We are a friendly and welcoming community, would love to meet y'all, make me friends and make the chat more alive again!

Want to game with people around your age? Well join this 18+ only gaming community. Connect with others, make friends, find your group to play with! Are you a twitch streamer? Do you make Youtube videos? Or maybe you create artwork. Promote yourself!

This is a group where people get together and chat about random shit! This server will have your usual categories like #music, #art, #photography ,#bots ,#rules and #announcments! This also has NSFW content like Uncesored gore and Uncensored hentai!

This is a roblox server.

Hey looking for some friends to play among us with. Well as a small starting community we have made just that. Make sure you come and say hi.

semi-dead server with good vibes and better people :D join if u like to have a good time and not be a dick thx +18 only

╭────Looking for members────╮ Hello! My name is Khaos! I am the owner for a server that does events, giveaways, and has all different topics of games! The server is looking for active members! Please give us suggestions!

Fun community with channels that fill the needs of all different interests!