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A gaming guild looking for a new game to play! We hang out/chill often, playing (MMO)RPG games, FPS games, Roblox games, and team fight games.

minimalist music server / artist collective

A server to chat about dreamcatcher! You can also react for streaming, comebacks, and voting roles! Insomnias, fans, casual listeners or newbies feel free to join ~

Are you looking to please a mistress with your time? We are Currently looking for loser beta males who want to donate and farm materials to your goddesses in the games that we play. just to try and get our attention or smallest bit of praise

idk what to put here tbh https://discord.gg/daGFf3fU

A newly found server made for the best of discord users, hop in to join the fun and action that is happening NOW!

WHAT DO WE PROVIDE ・Fully SFW community + verification system ・Helpful and experienced staff ・Fun events + giveaways ・Partnerships always open ・Fun + utility bots and our very own custom bot

Ciao Ragazzi questo è il server ufficiale di Spider!

Junto.gg is the social network made for the gaming community. Share your achievements, group up with other gamers, and talk everything about the games you love!

Hello, Gaming city is a wonderful gamble server (Fake cash no worries) We do Lotterys hosted by our owner\ We do robbery We do go to prison We have everything you want :D JOIN TODAY

Welcome to Voice Chat Hangout! A place where voice channels are dominating! Hangout and chill with your friends here!

Come play among us!! (: Good vibes only. No drama will be tolerated.

This is a general server for making friends and having a good time! We have many games and lots of people to have fun with! Movies are also watched here almost every night! Hope you will join the family!

Hello and welcome to DarC server! This server is mostly for gaming as we also have a DayZ Server up on PS4/PS5 (also supports MNK). Come join us and have fun by making money and gambling with other players! If you want to you can join our server also

Welcome to The Forgotten Hope! We are a Semi-Literate Discord based WarriorCat rp server focused on providing our members with a fresh unique take on the original Warrior cats books!! Our Roleplay takes places after the destruction of the original clans

Anime Paradise Make friends and invite friends have fun talk about anime, gaming and more. Lots of bots like Mudae, Owo, Dank Memer and tons more. Self-Roles and colors to choose from. Lots of cool emojis to use and cute layout lv 1 boost