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A small friendly community server focused on finding new friends!

Just a small discord server where we all chill and talk about anime, music, gaming, etc! Right now we're big on Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun but we're open to all sorts of interests!

Extram is a chill server + great for making new friends in, Come and join were waiting for you.

This server is made only for gamers, and for those who want to relax, have a great time shortly described. I want to grow with the speed it takes and being part of a community growing together with so many people possible. I hope you all want to join.

Share memes and talk about anime also you can talk about different games and maybe play together this is a very small server so donโ€™t expect much if you do join

Just a gameing place to chat and that we talk about roblox, minecraft, among us and more!

genZ is a discord server with lots of stuff to do

An active community for people at various stages of awakening. We regularly voice chat and engage with each other in fun ways.

A fun server with some bots like akinator and rpg bot. This server is for pretty much anything. (read rules please)

Welcome to gamer hangout

Welcome to AD Stocks. One of the most profitable trading discord you'll ever see. We share the most profitable trading strategies out there, we have back tested over 100 trading strategies and we are sharing the best out of them!

โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏโ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏโ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ ๐–๐ž๐ฅ๐œ๐จ๐ฆ๐ž ๐ญ๐จ ๐‹๐ฎ๐๐ข๐œ ๐‚๐š๐Ÿ๐ž Welcome to Ludic Cafรฉ server! We're happy to have you here. Please read all the rules and information before โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏโ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€ โ‹ฏ โ”€

So, you like gfx huh? I think this server is just right for you!

Ein kleiner Community Server^^ schaut doch mal vorbei;)

Are you interested in a server with fun minigames or just a server to have a relaxing time?Well Alastcord is a community discord server made to help people have fun,chill and make friends!