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Nonstop is a friendly 18+ gaming server based in Europe.

You need one more player? Here you go join us now!

Welcome to the Televised Society! This is a server where you can join with people across the world and share your interests. Everyone is welcome!

Please join SeaneecusGaming Hangout to join the fun and socialise with other people!

A Kirby themed shit-posting server. Used for memes, art, and everything in between.

Lots of stw items mission help msk help and a bunch of free stuff

We just hang out and find people to play games with and we will do tournaments

A small SFW place for making friends. To come online and talk when you feel like it.

Click this link to join the Mayhem's Awakening Discord, a partnership between Official Mayhem Gaming and Awakenbra, and become a part of an ever growing community of small streamers wishing to reach affiliate!


Play Among Us with other people here!

I have created a professional and formal VALORANT discord server for the sole purpose of becoming a vast but tight-knit community for all those who want to meet other players and find squads quickly and efficiently. We are brand new, only being a couple o

**GIVING AWAY 100 NITRO CODES SOON!!** A discord-partnered server focusing on allowing Creators to meet and form relationships, while also focusing on providing a great community to chat with.

This server is for gamers who want to play the games they love and during the game talk to their teammates at Discord, the purpuse of this server is also to play for fun and to advance in ranks faster while talking to each other.

The Cosmic Dominion is a fun, close-knit community with active members and great staff. I hope you join us and help our family to grow! We’d love to get to know you and help you when needed - we’re super accepting of all! Make sure to join and say hello!

Es una comunidad de discord destinada a apoyar streemers y así creecer todos simultaneamente y a la par.