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A Brand New chill and friendly server looking for Staff, Mods, and active members. We are anime and gaming oriented with giveaways.

We boosting apex legends account for the cheapest prices on market

SUP FAMS so were just a group of frens from ITE CW feel free to join this server so we can game tgt

A fun and family friendly Roblox gaming server where you can play game nights and tournaments with your friends so you can win prizes like discord nitro, robux or a 15$ itunes card.

Hey everyone this is a group for Escape from Tarkov players to find other Rats to camp extracts with and make everyone's lives better.

This chilled out server is mainly for making new friends and playing games. Staff is nice and you are comfortable in it.

"Lez Talk, Lez Space" visions to be a leading organization in the LGBT Community in the Philippines, promoting Equality, and Human Rights Upliftment of LGBT people.

The Latino Coalition Against COVID-19 (LCAC19) is a national community-led, non-partisan, collaborative movement to build health equity in Latinx communities.

Welcome to a server made by Zors! This server is a chill place where you can talk about anything, especially gaming and game development.

Masturbation Slaves is a discord I'm using to find women who would like to please me (the master) in sexual ways. Further description in the discord server.


Welcome to the friendzone, a sfw server for everyone to enjoy, LGBTQ+ friendly and nontoxic people, hope you'll enjoy your stay and make friends with awesome people. we request active people! <3

Welcome to the Critical Hub! A place where fans of all video games can mingle and meet others and enjoy streams from your host with the biggest afor, CritStatus!

I'm an Editor who makes YouTube AMV's and this Server is for helping me and giving me tipps on how to improve my Edits.

The focus of this Discord Server is to support traditional (table-top, pen and paper) role-playing games played through remote tele-presence utilizing Discord's Voice/Video Channels and Text Channels, and the available role-playing dice/bot/helpers.