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The CDR is a private and exclusive adult social community. (18+) Join our fun and friendly atmosphere in voice or video chat and meet some of our personalities. Note: This is not a porn or NSFW server!

This is an entirely new server, so there's only a couple of us. We're just looking to make a new, close knit community for people who'd like to just hang out and chat. Roles, emotes, VC, movies, streams, nsfw! Suggestions welcome.

Welcome ladies and gentleman, one and all to NASCAR Talk America. This is a rather new server to talk about the latest NASCAR News.

this server is a fan server for the character kokichi ouma ( 王馬 小吉 ) from the game danganronpa v3 : killing harmony / new danganronpa v3 : everyone's new killing semester ( ニューダンガンロンパV3 みんなのコロシアイ新学期 ) owned by spike chunsoft !!

Fortnite Gaming Community.

Tables have been wiped, chairs have been set and Lounge82 is now open for business. We aim to be the most ideal and premier place to chat, relax and play.

Welcome To Dank Dholakpur Join our server now for mega giveaways,the most fun game bots ,an amazing music bot , special gaming channels and voice channels and to have a great time with our amazing members and our fun community!😘

Hey venha divulgar seu servidor para milhares de pessoas!

**𝔸esthetical.ly ♡** is an aesthetic-themed, SFW community server for everyone to hangout.

Roblox Game Related . Shindolife , Astd , Dsrpg2 ,Anime legends , Anime Mania , Anime Fighting Simulator , The Mimic , BloxFruit.

mental health is a discord server for people who struggle with their mental health. Channels for every disorder as well as channels to make friends, play games, vent and a hotline. find people who understand you and have fun.

A chatting server where you can share your story ideas, talk about music, occasionally lose your brain cells with mind-numbing questions, or just talk about anything you would like! We offer plenty of different events and a whole load of fun!

Hello there! We are a small discord trying to grow. We would appreciate if you come and chill with us. Our server might be small right now, but we are hoping to at least 50 people! I Love EVERYONE there no matter what, tysm! <33333333333333333333333333333

Hello, I am a very small YouTuber trying to build a small community so I can one day get bigger. Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel provided within my server.

A Roleplay server set in an Alternate Timeline, Orbis Civitatum features a world where science and technology meets the supernatural and even mythology, a new world with secrets to discover, people to meet, and dangers to encounter in this new era.