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Come join friendly community (most of the time when not rage quitting), and play games together.

We are a growing discord server consisting of 300+ members where we chat about all things Genshin Impact-related, we also indulge in anime and manga and have on offer a healthy dose of memes!

This is a server for finding new gaming friends, duo partners, new games, free games, etc.

a nice place to chill! (mod role open DM me to get interviewed)

Welcome to 63rd Avenue, come chat and chill or meet new friends.

A Server to show you how to Build, upgrade, and overclock your PC

Drift crew in the game Forza Horizon 4. Drift Meets + Car Meets. Racing of all types. General Car Chat. All racing games allowed. JOIN NOW!

The Jacket Club is a masturbation social club. We are a friendly place where people can socialize in a masturbation positive environment, all good vibes, no negativity, no labels, just fun. Let's normalize social masturbation!

Just Game is a community that's small but it is active. Most of us know one another on a first name basis but we'll call you what you like most.

This is a server mainly centered around the Danganronpa franchise, but there is fun here for everyone! Whether you're a fan of Danganronpa or just a person who wants to meet people from a nice, caring community, this is the server to join.

Hi hi, Welcome to bunnie! Come join us in this amazing community server, we host giveaways almost daily and want to build a strong and fun community for everyone! :))

This is the Chilling Lounge. You can play Minecraft or even other games. JOIN NOW!!!

This Discord server is for anyone who has a interest in helicopters. Anyone is allowed to join and enjoy the helicopter related talk!

Welcome to sesame street

hi, we’re sinnoh and we’re looking for active and chill people to talk and hang with us! we’re pretty inclusive and joke around a lot. we even got those nsfw channels for all you weirdos. we’re also looking for individuals that exclusively play pc! : )

Venha Participar do Servidor de Among Us feito por vocês e para vocês Seja Muito Bem-Vindo ao Imperio do Among! Venha dar uma olhada! Este servidor eh livre de cancelamentos.