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Hey! Serene Falls is a place where individuals come together to communicate, socialize, and talk about the ideals of mental health and supporting eachother. Serene Falls once existed with about 400 members! Join this wholesome society now!!

Nonstop is a friendly 18+ gaming server based in Europe.

A safe place for book lovers to come together and talk about all things bookish, and maybe even simp for some fictional men🤗.

¡Te invitamos a formar parte de una nueva comunidad llamada Hunnid! Tenemos personas con las cuales interactuar, hablar y debatir temas. sección gaming, sorteos y más!

A server for relaxed people, the server has lax management and everyone gets a free role when they join

Der Discord der Pantholiten Community. Wir sind eine offene Community für alle möglichen Spiele. Der Schwerpunkt liegt allerdings auf Minecraft!

Goat Market -Come shop and get money with the G.O.A.T🐐 -Brand New Server With No Scammers -Offering a wide variety of services -Public Marketplace also! FREE Dropz every Friday

Hi this Discord server is about the game BRAWLHALLA.In this server you can read/watch the news from the official channel for Brawlhalla.You can find teammates for 1vs1 or play together.Also you can post art!!!

You're looking for a chill furry server that has a bit of everything? Then the Furry Pantheon might be the place for you :3

We welcome everyone no bullying is excepted what so ever. Safe community were we do movie nights, game nights, and party nights.

Somos un equipo de guías que busca provocar el despertar de la conciencia en nosotros como seres humanos, ayudar y crecer como comunidad para así impulsar un segundo renacimiento.

A Hypixel and Minecraft Server By Bronbo

The Best Chess Server on Discord

Server to share and discuss writing with others. Talk about new releases or discuss your own writing.

This is a genshin impact server. Where you can make friends and get help in the game. Along with having different resources to help you in the game such as building characters. This server is 15 years older.

```__**CCRP | Capital City RolePlay**__ Looking for a fun community to roleplay in well you come to the right place CCRP is a up coming community with lots of opportunity's for you we are a mature server with 15+ age limit