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now introducing you to ; The Moon's Skateshop — ♡ - If you feel bored or just want somewhere to go and express yourself, maybe talk to someone, play games, post art or just chill~ -over 90+ emotes!

~Currently in the early stages!!~ If you would like to apply for moderator of any kind, please DM either ~apple~#2024 or Ouran#9195. We are a small, friendly anime centered community! We hope that you will have fun here!

Hercules Investing is a place to discuss stock and options trading and investing. There are free stock and option trading watchlists posted each day and free live stock trading alerts. People in the group are knowledgeable and some are professionals

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A 17+ Mental Health and Addiction peer support server!

A non-toxic, small, friendly and well organised server. We are dead people who just want to rest in peace and have fun.


Wholesome server.

A kind, open, and supportive community for those battling issues with stimulants.

This discord was made by Nearly Connor, Cheese Mann, Inversine, and CatlikeCake We are a group of friends who wanted a cool place to hangout and engage with our YouTube community.

❀Come join my new server!! The name is called Maple Academy, You can get help from real life school, Have fun with friends, Make new friends, Get game recommendations, talk about anime, be the biggest simp, get to the highest reputation possible, and eve

A place to connect, game chat, etc

A fortnite clan. We are sponsored and have MERCH!

Hi, this is the chill server. What we do on this server? We just chat and relax.

Hello! We own a chill/dating discord server but we are not soft. We allow you to be normal humans, express your opinions, and have freedom of speech. This server is very new so please bear with us. We are open to new mods and suggestions!

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