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A place where you can play games, Make new friends, show your talent and just chill.

This is a server where you can just chill, vibe, vent, make new friends, and have fun here. Please respect the rules and don’t be a jerk. This place is awesome! No kids under 13 allowed.

Multi-Gaming community not long been in operation but hoping to bring a whole bunch of people together to play a series of games, we have gamers from WoW to CSGO/COD

Welcome to Roblox Development! We are a small server that focuses on developers! We would love to see your work! Stop by! We have plenty of places to put your work!

A server for all your pfp needs! -Friendly owners -Small server

Upon joining you create a link and invite your friends or anyone to get amazon sc

This is a server for people living in the state of Tennessee and the surrounding areas to come and make friends. Maybe find more. All ages are welcome! Come one in, make friends, and have fun.

Kommt rein und lasst einfach ne gechillte Zeit haben. Von Games über Dank Memes bis hin zu Talks ist alles dabei. Neue Leute kennen lernen, mit alten abhängen.

The base of operations for my work-in-progress sandbox space game.

its just a random server with fairly epic people. this server is generally based in pvz, but not exclusive to that. it's cool i'd say.

We're a small, super inclusive server for anyone who's interested in having a small community to stream, game, cosplay or draw with.

Community provide tutorials, streaming news and information about Cyberpunk 2077 . Great way to meet people and get some help and tips from other members ! Happy Gaming!

Where Cryptocurrency and Gaming enthusiasts congregate! Talk about Crypto and work together to find the best projects to invest and trade in! Game together during downtime while markets are in correction!

Want to play with bots or want to host your own bot you can join our server now

HarukaLand is an anime and misc channel, open to anybody who wants to join. We often have game nights or movie nights. We VC often and are trying to become a more active server.

This a very friendly among us discord server. Everyone in here is kind and if not actions will be taken. If you want some competitive games you can join the Tryhard voice chat. Join this server and have some fun playing with everyone, you won’t regret it😄