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An active Marvel server, with a big community, where you can discuss your favourite, comics, shows and movies.

Just a fun little space for those who want to make new friends, play some games, and just have a good time. We play VALORANT a lot ig. Come say hi!

Welcome to EmberCraft, a fresh new Minecraft server full of potential! We have 4 servers! KitPVP, Creative, A Hermitcraft like whitelisted survival and skyblock! We hope you will come join us and help shape the future of our server!

Ein chilliger Gaming Server! Auf Wolke 7 findet man nur entspannte Leute und kann in Ruhe mit anderen zocken!

Discord Server for Gamer, Streamer and dudes where search a Streamer Network.

NOOOT NOOOT Hi peeps! nice to meet yall! If u need friends come join us

Welcome to Bloodbath and Boomers, a mature community with a passion for playing PUBG and other miscellaneous games.

cyberion is an active & welcoming gaming community with helpful staff, 90+ emotes, and friendly members with varieties of interests!

The server is about a growing community to help others! So far we enjoy all gamers and especially ptcgo players! Looking for all gamers! Looking for PTCGO Online Gamers mainly have emoji's, Level System and more! Wish to see you all there!

Come and meet new people and literally talk about anything!!

my server is a fun and safe community for fandoms including, Sally faces walten files, pokemon, FNAF, MCYT, Undertale, Danganronpa, cosplay, ddlc, slime rancher, FNF, we have a very inclusive community with bots to help those with systems, (DID)

Ano Security Guard

MIZU is an anime card collecting game that is in the alpha testing stage. It is receiving new updates weekly in the form of new cards, events, and features. Join today to test out the bot and join a growing community!

Server IP: newnewcanada.net Map: https://map.newnewcanada.net/ Version: 1.16.4