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We are a small, growing roleplaying community that promotes imagination, creativity and respectful socialization! Would you like to join us on our Camp journey to honor the Gods?

Teenagers Lab is a server made with care for teenagers/young people.

Hello! My name is Eternal, and I made this server for fellow gamers like myself! Here you can chat, play games, interact with bots, and even look at some of the cool emotes we have! Cursing is allowed, but keep it at a minimal. :}

Render Bot List is a server dedicated to help grow smaller bots by giving them a platform to advertise freely to the public. We have low requirements and are open to staff. Come and submit your bot today!

This is just a hangout server, you don´t necessarily need to be a simp to get in lmao. Lots of voice channels and you can get suggestions and help for certain things, everyone is nice and caring and i bet you'd have loads of fun!

Servidor de uma comunidade gaming em crescimento!

a great place to talk about games and hang out with new people or friends.

Funhouse for Dummies is a discord server where you can chill with random strangers and make friends.

Seeking a place to find builders, developers or even managers? We understand you server needs, and here we are with you to provide you with experienced members! We have a wide variety of qualification, however we're always ready to accept new members

Are server is a Java server (hopefully bedrock accessible soon) Minecraft server.

A very friendly and fun community, we love new friends and people. Feel free to play games, chill, or just talk! ((:

Welcome to Baphomet's Tower! This is a roleplay server for ages eighteen and older. Enjoy our open world roleplay with original lore and characters to create characters of your own and develop with a nice and active community of literate writers.

Finalmente un servidor blacked / interracial para la comunidad hispanohablante.

A Server That Will Help You Conquer Social Anxiety By Encouraging You To Converse With People From Diverse Backgrounds, Allowing You To Acquire Information. It's Absolutely Free To Enter And Learn As Much As Possible.

A friendly community discord server. Here you can talk with people about almost everything!The server also has a a minecraft server! Come check it out!

Haven is a gaming community that primarily focuses on competitive esports titles, but now looking at more casual gamers to form a good community. We are looking for active members who are mature with a mic and looking for organized group play with others