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- League of Legends Based - Roleplay - 18+ - Brand New - Chill & Friendly Environment

Our server is a couple-owner server with many friendly people and streamers. We are Twitch streamers trying to build a community, network, and meet new people.

This Is A Server Where You Can Buy Warzone Services!!!

You are an administrator here! Come on, join us now!

anime server for those who enjoy anime or games or just want to chill

A place to chill and play some games with new people. 😃

The witches library is a great server for beginner and experienced witches, wiccans, and general pagans alike! With custom roles you can find fellow pagans and witches that share your specific interests! We have active mods to help with all your needs!

Fortnite Arena is a server where you can find thousands of other players to play with and help you get up in comp Fortnite from noob to pro. Or if you are looking for someone to play causal we have a channel for you!

Hello everyone, We are looking for new members to join our new discord server. It's a fun environment to chat, meet friends, play games and share experiences. Come join in. 💎❤️✌️

Comunidad Hispanohablante.

A not so typical take on a modern fantasy(ish) rp

We are a Brawlhalla Community that hosts high tier weekly cash tournaments and community events. Come join the ranks of Pier, Winged_shell, and many more

Hello and welcome to Gamers Hangout! We provide you with many channels such as gaming channels and channels for you to relax and chat in, we hope we can see you there in Gamers Hangout and well see u soon.

A community server. A cool place to hangout and spend quality time along with live music sometimes.

A group of people coming together from different platforms and different games, sharing a common interest and love for games! All are welcome to join our community who will accept you with open arms!

In this server, we host weekly roblox tournaments, for big prizes of Robux, Discord nitro, or even gift cards! We do also giveaways and gamenights regularly, where you can win robux! Make sure you have fun!