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A Chill Hangout server

✟What we have to offer ✟Nice kind staff ✟Welcoming Members  ✟Fun bots ✟Admin and Owner are on  ✟We respect your triggers ✟We have NSFW  ✟Anime ✟10+ ✟Non toxic  ✟Fun bots ✟Lgbtq+ ✟Nice sever layout ✟Some Nsfw ✟Color roles

I want you in my clan... Yes i really do, idc how bad you are bc i will train you just ask and i will train you and help you play FORTNITE! Soo just give your user name and that's all. Literally that's it all i need is you and your name and its done

Hello, this is a new server where I want active people to come play. I join other war thunder servers and they seem not to be very active. Everyone is welcome, anyone from any faction can come play :) We also have custom roles for BR ratings and such

- free sysbot usage - 24/7 giveaways and shiny raids - active and friendly community

I just want a small community of people who like: Dark Souls Mario Zelda Or just overall gaming too discuss games and stuff we enjoy 😊

Sveiki. Čia Marius a.k.a Davai Žaidžiam Youtubėje. Kviečiu užsukti visus norinčius į mano discordą. Kuriame keliu naujienas apie naujausius video, kuriame pakalbam apie ūkį ir bites, padedam chėbrai su iškilusiais klausimais, leidžiam smagiai laisvalaikį.

A fairly new server! It’s based off of lgbtq+! If your apart of the community come on down! We have wholesome content and places if u need help! It’s an amazing place to Make friends too! We have art and wholesome wlw and mlm content!

Mouse Mafia is a large community and family of mice, main streaming server for Chomei Mouse on Twitch!

Welcome to rockywolf! A multi topic english server! You should totally join! (Also members get early access to our minecraft mods)


A mainly league customs server that also has a tight knit community of friends who play a wide variety of games & interests!

A place to make new friends and game :D

We gamers man join and have a fun time

This is Noko's (Irukanoko) streaming community! Share your interests, discuss various topics, and make new friends! Karuta Gaming Channels: - Teamfight Tactics - League of Legends - Rainbow 6 Siege - Rocket League - Valorant - Genshin Impact

A server for D&D lovers to nerd out, post art, and create homebrew.