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We're a group of casual gamer girls and boys. We play mostly competitive CS:GO as well as other chilled out multiplayer games :D

Welcome to the Official Hunter's Aces Discord Server! We are a chill and friendly community seeking to establish an open gaming community for anyone to join! Currently, we are a fairly large and active server consisting of over 200+ members!

Partial to cats, but will tolerate dogs (love fluffy) join us OwO or else!

~Kinetic Gaming Community is a worldwide community of โ€‹1700+ mature โ€‹gaming enthusiasts, who have grown up in the era of eSports. We emphasize teamwork and communication. โ€‹Come game with us today! http://discord.gg/FB8npxC

Impact Gaming -We are a Competitive and Content Creating Team -In the near future we would love to become a known team and give out salaries to players -We Host many events including clan wars

This is the Absolute Zero server we revolve around nintendo switch games with the exception of a few gems. We also hold tournaments with prizes like captain roles which enables you to mod the channel of the game you won. Hope you love it here

Do you like anime, memes, music, art, or games? In this server, you can discuss all of these. We don't discriminate and our Moderators will be at their best. If they are not please DM the owner! We're not very strict about rules but still follow them!

Text based roleplay server with our own Stat System, Rookie Friendly, Helpful staff, Everything you need. The setting is rich in lore and history with over 10 RL years to date! Set in the world of Alamoria, and original creation by moderation staff!

RingFit Adventure-based server with many features, such as an advertising channel, custom roles, and an optional birthday bot, with more coming.

Welcome to Kryptified Networkโ„ข, just chill and listen to music or chat with other people, or do whatever. They wanted to give us a warm welcome and to make sure we found something. We are currently still growing with a reason to use entire server.

Devel Pcs is a great server! Its a server for a company that sells Pc's and does lots of giveaways. It also has a great community. If you would like the chance to win a pc or more, or are just looking to buy a pc join!

We are a community of Minecraft Gamers. We mainly play on the Hypixel network and play the pit, skywars, bedwars, and other things on the server. The owner is a youtuber and animator and would love others to join.

Join for fun bots, an active chat, e-girls & e-boys, events, giveaways and more! Hosting a Nitro giveaway at 11,000+ members!

This Discord Server is for the Sale of GTA Mod Menus, and other GTA Stuff. Its also a Community Discord for anything related too GTA or GTA Modding. Come Join Today!!!

RobloxHub is a place where you can find people to play roblox with or to just hang just go into a channel and ask people what you want to play

The Reset Clan is a Fortnite gaming clan for noobs and pros alike! We suit everyone! Me and our moderators strive to make your time here as amazing as possible. Find partners for your matches, and share your funny/cool clips or pictures!