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🥇 Continental Waifu Center 🥇 🎉This is a platform that offers you almost unlimited source of fun, trust and respect... 🎭Are you searching a server that looks like a family also looks like serious enough ? That's your true address my friend.

🍉 **The Fruit Kingdom** is a community-based server where you can chill out with current friends or meet new friends!! We for a lot of stuff, including lots of channels and voice chats to communicate in!! (/◕ヮ◕)/ 🍉

Chill, talk, and find new teammates for Minecraft, etc.

A non-toxic, small, friendly and well organised server. We are dead people who just want to rest in peace and have fun.

A small community to talk about life, play games, and be nerds! Tons of minigames available and lots of fun to be had. Custom roles and great members. (not to mention, talk about marching band!!!)

Wanting to express your love for pigeons but nobody wants to hear you? Then join Pigeons' Realm where you can talk about pigeons all you would like!

now introducing you to ; The Moon's Skateshop — ♡ - If you feel bored or just want somewhere to go and express yourself, maybe talk to someone, play games, post art or just chill~ -over 90+ emotes!

Welcome to Just Lego Things, the Lego Discord server! We run independently of any organization, society, website, or subreddit. We are a Discord server aimed primarily at all LEGO fans.

❆ Angel Kingdom ❆ Topluluk Sunucusu, sohbet sunucusu arkadaş ortamı can dostu bir sunucudur! 🖥 | Kendimize özel bot tasarladık! 💥 ⏰ | 7/24 Destek ✅ 🌀 | Yetkili alımı vardır! ✅ 💎 | Premium komutlar 🚨 ÜCRETSİZ 'DIR! 🆓 🌟 | BETA 0.0.2 Sürümü'dür! 🛡

cherry bomb is a newly made server for gamers looking for co-op matches, roleplayers looking for partners and artists looking for commisions! we offer collectable roles, a miku church& an open community just waiting to meet you!

The official server for ROSSCO Games, a video game software company.

TGWDLM, No/Pre Apotheosis AU and Highschool AU for kicks. A lot of cannons and OCs are allowed.

Enjoy and invite all of your friends!!

This is a server for a Steven Universe AU I have made years ago and I want to get more fans to help our small community grow, it's a story about an experimental Painite found by the Crystal gems and throughtout their adventures they meet new friends and

:beach: | Chill Corner is a community server where you can make brand new friends and learn new things! Every week, a new event is posted with amazing giveaways to win cool prizes! We are a very friendly & loving community.

This server is chill, pretty active and just a great place to hang out and chat, even the mods are friendly! Drop by and make some new friends, stick around and get to know us as a community! I look forward to seeing you there, we all do!