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🐸 A Premium Dank Memer Server with HUGE giveaways and active members.

⭐CS:GO Trading Platform⭐ ⭐Weekly giveaway's⭐ ⭐Friendly Community⭐ ⭐Guides for Free CS:GO Skins⭐

Y'all looking for Anime servers, Tbh Anime Frenzy maybe ur right choice. We r community addicted to Anime, Manga, Art, Roleplay and more... Wait, also chilling. Well, what do u know join us and find out more

We are a 100% SFW only furry server with over 6,500 members. Come explore what we have to offer in our lovely server.

4k member community and gaming trading server with active vcs, trading channels, giveaways, and more. Why join BMT? >> Active discord server which specializes in community features and trading across multiple games and platforms.

Discuss Demon Slayer, AOT, JJK or your favorite anime/manga/TV shows here! All artists & writers are welcome to our #creative channel! Show us your creative works! Gamers can find others to play with here! Fighting games, FPS, MMO, you name it!

New wholesome community to make friends 🌸 LGTBQ+ 🌸 The perfect place to vibe to lofi with like-minded people in a judgement-free server

A Roleplay Group for fantasy, adventure, romance, slice of life, & much more. We welcome all to our group and encourage creativity.

Wir haben: 🎮 - Eine Gaming Community! 🎧 - Einen 24/7 Radio-Channel! 🔊 - 3 verschiedene Musikbots! 👥 - Eine Nette Community! 🛠️ - Hilfsbereite Community! 🍻 - Freundlicher Umgang! 📬 - Schneller Support! 🌍 - 100% Deutsch! 🇩🇪

Hello Hello, welcome to Firelink Pub! One of the biggest FromSoftware Discord Servers! If you want to talk in any of the Sub Channels you NEED a Platform rank! Enjoy your stay, long may the sun shine!

Welcome to full of autismo fun

Amphitrite is a very gaming based community. We have daily VC's and mostly play minecraft and roblox. We are all below the age of 18 and most comfortable with a group from 13-16. We support the LGBTQ+ and do not support any kind of hate.

A fun community server !

Here You Can grow your youtube channel very fast

The League of Legends EU community

This server was created for learning Japanese, but don't worry, even if you don't want to learn the language you can still join and have fun. We discuss topics like anime and gaming, and also host classes, movie nights, and even have our own mc server!