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Do you like gaming? Do you like surviv io? Then this is the server for you! Has 50+ members AND Some cool bots! Join now!

Choking is mainly based on hanging out.

Long ago, the world as we once know doesn't exist. 99% of the planet has been wiped out in a war, and reconstructed with modified humans. Now, the remaining 1% has formed a group to try to fight the new empire called Zehard. Which side will you choose?

Tech Stuff your computer discord corner

A community driven server with the aim of forging and building bonds between its members. Pokémon themed with areas for discussion on all topics, and areas to Role play as well. Server suggestions are encouraged & taken into consideration by the staff

Chill Vibes, Great Community, Relatively New

pg-13 Discord server owned by Roblox game creator/game streamer Looking for more viewers interested in Minecraft/Roblox/and other game. Daily votes on what you'd like to watch.

Merhaba Hoş Geldin! Ben Mokielu, ama kısaca Moki diyebilirsin. Sunucumuzda her türlü anime konuşuluyor~~ Umarım sende gelirsin x33

A small community where you can talk to people about your problems, or any day life things. you can also play games with new friends, we've been friends since 2018, and have just now decided we'd love for some more people to join :)

Just a loving server for friends and fun

A 26+ DDlg & weeb community. The age restriction is to keep the server small and safe. We prefer quality over quantity when it comes down to it and that's how we keep it chill, fun, and positive. It's a great place for brats too and those who adore them.

We are trying to pass a rival discord.

You guessed it and we're all here for it. ANIME. Weebs, furries and random people welcome, we don't discriminate. Come on down and enjoy the carefree positivity

We are a growing lgbtq community with loads of channels for every topic! Currently we’re like 90% a NSFW server, where we have a good but smaller amount of sfw chats.

Join the most fresh, friendliest and fastest growing PSO2 English PC and XBOX community!‪

Community Discord server for Valorant Fps. Join to have a chat about valorant and come learn about the new competitive scene.