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CHKSRV is a company that provides new tech for the discord community.

Hello! Want to grow your server? Join in Discord Promotion! What we offer: 10 minute cooldown Easy to partner You can advertise you server and your social medias Find good staff members Giveaways like Dank Memer Coins, custom roles and more!

Welcome to Sexy Burberry, A friendly community server with a wholesome non-toxic community, neatly arranged channels, and more!

This server is a casual DnD server that focuses on a futuristic dystopia, planet jumping, steampunk setting! Grab your favorite Ace Attorney character, and hop on in!

This server is for purchasing custom and premade Discord and Minecraft server setups but we might be adding more soon!

We are brand new Anime roleplay discord server! We offer plenty of features and make sure you will enjoy your stay here!

everyone is welcome here!! there are several channels and categories for a wide range of interests, active and friendly admin and members, and were working on having game and movie nights!


✧ A welcoming community for music-lovers of all kinds! Here you can chat about: β™‘cultures and food around the world β™‘share your artwork β™‘movies you're interested in β™‘k-pop and k-culture β™‘games such as hangman, among us, etc.

This Discord is for people who want to compete in various tournaments of Game Pigeon games. We play many different games, the most common ones being 8 Ball Pool and Cup Pong.

A new anime themed server for those who are looking to share their interests and hangout with people just like them. We host watch parties and events every week, and we host game nights too! So what are you waiting for? Join Otaku!

Beyond Adoria is a party for the political simulation of Adoria. We believe in Centrism, Progressivism, Environmentalism, Globalism, and more! Join our Party server to join Adoria and maybe even our party!

This server wants to bring gta 5 ps3 rp out into the world

A discord server based on the show "That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime"! We're based in the kingdom of Laronn, in a world where Rimuru and his cohorts never existed. Why not come along, make a name for yourself, grow the world or destroy it?

Hey there! We created a new VALORANT server. Feel free do join us (: http://discord.link/flamevalorant

Each joiners will get some exclusively rewards