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The Deviant Code was born out of a desire to provide a place for both inexperienced explorers as well as veteran kinksters to learn and further educate themselves.

A crypto-focused discord containing free guides and introductions to Crypto. Let us be your hub into this world and guide you to the information you need. Everything contained within is 100% free.

The Roost is a fun, friendly, diverse, non-toxic, and inclusive community for members all over the globe and from different backgrounds. Come join our wholesome community today!

We are a new discord server that focuses on suporting and befriending people.If you just want to talk, need to vent, ask advice or just want to get new friends, we are the sub for you. We mods are from all ages, all around the world. Join uss <33

We are a community server, We we are pushing is to get a happy server that has all wonderful people in it this is why we want you to join. It Free why not give it a try(look at long description for more) or add Φ†ΚΙ¨ΚŸΙ›#7777 on discord

Chill Discord Server for chat and chill, possibly make some mates?

If people have trouble understanding your love ofpens, art supplies, paper, notebooks, journaling or planning, then you're in good company. Stationery Anonymous is a haven for 18+ stationery lovers to hang out over a shared love of analog communication.

we chill and have fun ;) (we like when people raid our servers)

Welcome to the best place for your RuneScape needs – EZRSGold shop!

↳ β™‘:: chanel$ chanel$ is a server for gifs, icons, pfps & more! β€ΏοΈ΅β€ΏοΈ΅ΰ­¨β™‘ΰ­§β€ΏοΈ΅β€ΏοΈ΅ β•°βž€what we offer: ・⇒ gifs, icons & pfps ・⇒ friendly members ・⇒ self roles ・⇒ aesthetic layout ・⇒ cute emojis ・⇒ partnerships

A server for all people to come, chill, and have fun.

-Anime & Manga Discussion -Daily Question of the Day & Who Would Win -Tons of emojis -Friendly

We are the support server for one of the largest server and emoji lists.

Dino Squad Unleashed is a Swiss Made Avatar Project with 10k unique Dinos. Hop on the Discord and join the Whitelist for the Presale.

E Community is a gaming server where we have everything and if you feel like it needs something then you can also suggest using /suggest (suggestion) and a staff member will try to get it in the server (exept if it's stupid)

Its a server where we can help you with games,we can chat,or you can become staff!!!