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Godly Gamers is a community for adults (18+) you can play on any platforms (pc, xbox, playstation, mobile, nintendo) and be interested in any game! if you are looking for players or friends this is the server for you.

ayo we love anime & memes. a safe place for the lgbtqia+ and more!! everyone is welcome. if you break our rules, you get banned. :)

Come join the fans of Vivziepop! Role play, discuss latest episodes, theory craft and more! We have a wholesome and supportive community just waiting for new people to show up and hang out!

FBI discord server


FBI is a group of small people, formed especially to eradicate the evil from discord. We will bring justice upon the rotten part of this platform, by eliminating the evildoers and toxic societies. We cannot wait to see

We are the Rats! In Rat City, you can review foods, join in on the lore, or post memes! We aim to create a dedicated community of people who love food, animals, and memes.

Currently need active members and members who would like to be admins/mods in the future!

➻ LGBT+ friendly ➻ Medieval fantasy with no race limitations ➻ Semi-literate to novella writing ➻ Optional religions ➻ World events ➻ Beautiful map with 7 regions for travel, with villages and towns

Nexzar Advertising, a simple and a proffesional server to advertise in.

SFW🐸The Meme Realm🐸 Though the name may be cheesy, our server isn't!🧀 This server is dedicated to our Meme Channels. It's a small project I've been working on for 3 years. Things have been a little lame since...The Bans💀...

The Largest International Catholic Server For Catholics, by Catholics, with Catholics to help both Catholics and those interested in Catholicism to learn about the Faith and God.

Only for the BEST! We Have the biggest building community of minecraft focused on architecture and design. We have a CROSSPLAY (hava & bedrock) server! If you’re a good builder or want to be then surely drop by as this is YOUR community!

If you got good internet speed and a controller then this newly-built Parsec-cord is fit for you! It's not anything high level, it's just a server where you can chill and hosts can host some games whether it be Smash Ultimate or Jackbox or even Among Us.

Welcome to Demon’s Dungeon! We require Verification upon entry! No cross-verification allowed. We are a new demon-themed 18+ NSFW & SFW kink-based server revolving primarily around both BDSM and CG/l themes.

We are a gaming service that empowers amateur gamers to connect, compete, and dictate the future of the gaming industry. We host tournaments, raffles/giveaways, sell game-oriented merchandise, develop and publish games.

Are you an MCU addict? Have you been looking for people with similar tastes? Well, look no further... We are also ‘Something For Everyone’ server as we just not only concentrate on Marvel but other fandoms and things too!!

High People, Good Games, Productive Lifestyle & a Life Time of Memories ❤︎