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``------------star2 ------------ Welcome to Flatchests We love Girls with A-Cups or less. ------------star2------------

If any artists/producers/engineers/managers/ect are looking to network during the pandemic I've created a discord server for any and everybody to join if they'd like. Feel free to advertise your music and give feedback to other artists.

just a place to vibe :) also a growth portal

This is just a community server. Where u can get to know new people and talk to them.

just a chill server -new server looking to grow its members -24/7 music bot -various roles -numerous channels which can be unlocked with certain roles -music -memes -gaming -anime -manga -🚨NO NSFW CONTENT🚨 profane language is fine just no nsfw

Server made by template of knights templar. If you enjoy roleplay, or total war games you should defenitely join. We also play Among Us, Csgo and even HoI4 all the way to Civ6 and Eu4! Server is boosted! Emojis are top of the top!

A new Discord server for gamers by gamers. Anyone is allowed in, we accept all who join. Whether your looking to socialize with other gamers or find new friends to play your favorite game, we here at The Gamers Chair are ready to welcome you.

We are a minecraft server . We have a very nice community . We need new members and more active ones aswell, we are trying to be as fun as we can . Join our discord and minecraft server now!

A Community that likes to make VRCHAT Model/Worlds What we Work in. [Unity,Blender,MIKU] Unity Prefabs,TEX,FBX,Animation,ECT

have fun with a small community of gamers form apex to minecraft join and make yourself at home thanks

Were just looking to gain more members so we can get this server big, rn were growing pretty fast. So if you want a chill place to hang out come here

A new chill weeb community that is constantly growing and getting updated. Check our page to see all the features (and future features) offered in our humble server, the only thing missing are active members like YOU!

we need new people as we are wanting new pals

Friendly community server centered on celebrating Eastern culture for both Asians and non-Asians alike! We specialize in providing a warm and safe space for people to hang out. Join us for giveaways, detailed events, gaming sessions, and a whole lot more!

To start of with. No we are not that flashy "Forex guru" type of guy who shows you some rented as cars. or a stack of cash. Real education stuff you can learn here!