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originally intended for studyblrs to connect from tumblr, but all academics are welcome! a community where students can get motivation, socialize, and simply vibe.

New to cypto world ? Are you new joiner or you just want to know more about trades? Come here

A murder mystery 2 discord server that has awesome giveaways, good invite rewards, trading , and more!

A supportive and Helpful gaming community that plays Minecraft on the PlayStation 3 with tech support and other helpful channels and answers.

Looking for a small community? And interested in anime? you came to the right place!

The place where we're all legends cone together under one roof. Join us today

This is a furry server

Welcome this is the official Legends of Speed Discord Server!

Great Football server to hang out and talk about multiple leagues such as the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, and the Bundesliga. We have a healthy community that is still growing and we want you to join us.

New Gaming/social media server

We are the British Army!

Just a chill community. We are here to chat and sometimes talk about Trains. This is a mainly English server but we have a Non-English channel for our members that speak different languages because we would still love to include them.

Come join and chill lmao

Random Among Us games suck, so I created this server to fix that.

Gamers to gather, make friends, socialize and just chill in the discord server. Server is full of friendly people who plays a wide range of games so don't be shy and ask in the server!

hey! we are Eren Yeager Lovers <3. this is a server solely based on Attack on Titan, the popular manga and anime. while we love Eren, he is not all we discuss or are interested in! check out the long descriptions for more info.