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This is a chat server where you can talk we will have a crap load of giveaways games,gift cards, etc

Indian Tinder community server. Also serves to help people find success on Indian Tinder. Not a dating server.

Free Onlyfans MEGA Links! Join the discord for free links!

Join our community! We offer lots of opportunities to discover new games and even make new friends. Just keep it friendly!

CREEP CRAZE is a horror-based community server primarily focused on the discussion of all forms of horror-related media!

A place where people with interest in Anime, Manga, Gaming and even writing, can join and share ideas on there own anime or manga story and also have FUN!

we are a friendly server based around memes and general talks everyone is free to join We host often giveaways free to everyone in the server I hope to see you around

Hi! The Boys is a very chill, laidback gaming community that revolves around chill vc, and also games like Destiny 2, Rocket League, and Among Us. We would love for you to goin and become something greater with us. :)

Dark Users hideout, A fresh server where you can hang out, chat, share tips and tricks for games and make new friends. We are currently looking for moderation staff and testers

It's an place where everyone is welcome even if u don't watch anime.

Hallo an alle wir wollen ein Discord Server mit leuten haben die bock auf eigene Minecraft Modpacks haben die wir selber erstellen. ^^

Come explore the four nations now free of the 100 Year War! Meet other fans of Avatar! (RP Fan Server)

YOUTUBE & GAMING - Gaming like Among us, Minecraft with regular players - Excellent moderation and rank system - A lot of bots with a lot of features like Music, rpg - Clazzy_Clan owner has YouTube channel "Crazzy_Sarthak". Live streams you can join.

Chatting, making new friends, talking about anything in a server with a twist of Hell ! Join us :D

I really don't know what to say but just join my server i am trying to make it not so dead

We r a community (3to4 member) and wanna grow our server. This server mainly focus on music it has all the music bots I could find and this server is shit only for now join and listen to music and also help me add more music bots