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Great Football server to hang out and talk about multiple leagues such as the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, and the Bundesliga. We have a healthy community that is still growing and we want you to join us.

Welcome to Wanga, a fresh but fun gaming clan with a nice community. Join the team as content creator, creative warrior or whatever you like or just chat with our members. Join for fun and serius gaming.

Welcome to The Cubester Discord Server! This is your place to make friends, hangout, play games, and more!

KeX Crew je skupina tvůrců kteří slučují své komunity za cílem vzájemného zviditelnění na československé twitch scéně

We are the British Army!

Have you ever heard of a pump and dump scheme? Do you wanna create one. Elon Musk proved it’s legal, let’s take advantage of the opportunity. You don’t even have to invest in stocks, you will basically get paid to post on social media

ay, I can't decide if i am horny or high rn

Salutation à vous joueurs de Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ! Je me permets de créer ce sujet à fin de vous faire parvenir ce serveur Discord communautaire Français du célèbre jeu Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The best Discord community. Get info on new Discord updates, learn tips & tricks, and find friends who absolutely love Wumpus.

This is legit discord nitro, join and try. just need 17 invites.

Come to chat and make new friends Come to chat and make new friends Our Featuries: Ranking System Memes bot Music channel ( with Anti-troll ) 24/7 vc channel playing xmas songs Anti-bot system

Nice place to chat abt ena!

We offer a general area with all the features of any Discord server but we have a twist. Our 18+zone allows members to be free to express how they feel and enjoy some great content.

you yes, you stop scrolling feeling lonely and need friends? you came to the right place! in this server, we filled with cool people. what r u waiting for? come and hang out with us!

📌 Divulgação do seu server 100% Free 📌 Suporte para criação de bots para Discord 📌 Chats para linguagens de programação: Python, C, Java, Arduino, etc. 📌 Chats de jogos:

hey! we are Eren Yeager Lovers <3. this is a server solely based on Attack on Titan, the popular manga and anime. while we love Eren, he is not all we discuss or are interested in! check out the long descriptions for more info.