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A friendly and chill community server for people who enjoy hanging out, making friends, and gaming.

We're a tight-knit community of people who enjoy gaming, thought provoking discussions, server events, and making friends!

Aesthetic Archive post discord server

Chillax is a wonderful community where you can talk to new people make new friends and have fun Chillax has vc's for gaming and socializing with an awesome design over 7 music bots Fun and active social community Friendly staff ready to support

This i a server to help anyone find a squad or team in any game and this is a community built server so if there is a game you play that you would like on there we will add it.

Server about the SCP Foundation RP Sirious Roleplay In Roblox

🏆 #1 Balkan Server 🔊 24/7 Aktivan Voice 🎁 Nitro Giveaways 💬 Aktivan Chat 🌸 Social & Fun 💫 Best Emotes 💠 VC-Leveling

we are a fun interective group of people who love sharing ideas and having fun

Sky's Bots Sky's Bots founded in May of 2021 by Skyler D, is dedicated to providing you cheap custom Discord bots.

Hey, This is the server rial's lobbies here we host the best cold war modded lobbies for the cheapest prices!

An anime server with lots of emotes! Many bots, social chats, welcoming community, aesthetic design and literally everything!! So why not join?

A place where Misfits can talk and make some friends with other Misfits!

Pretty good community with not many restrictions. Just make sure you read the rules and you'll be fine :)

I see you have found TTK, we are victorious in everything we accomplish. This server is for bringing the community for all games we play into a central server in which we can communicate effectively and not only that, relax and chill whenever you'd like.

Fun server that is kid friendly. Mainly focused on video games.

Join if you want to make new friends. 13+ and LGBT+ friendly Post memes or just chat with others. We have channels to talk about hobbies including Anime, gaming, art, photography, etc