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Hunters for free crypto without the effort. I wanted to create this community because I have a fun personal goal of having a portfolio of $10,000 Crypto for the f**ks of it. However, I wanna do this without putting money in the initial investm of it. I

Welcome to a brand new community designed for music enthusiasts, by music enthusiasts. Tha Hotspot introduces a place for aspiring artist/producers/collectives to get together to speak collaborations into existence.

salem’s cult is a small community of gamers and anime lovers. we have nightly gaming nights, two minecraft servers for bedrock and java, movie nights, and fun bots to interact with. come join us and make some gamer friends!

A discord server for weebs and gamers to chill

Andrena is an LGBTQ+ friendly Minecraft 1.16.5 SMP/Towny server with a growing community! We do rank and nitro giveaways based on invites! see #announcements

counting to a million

This is a server for ARMY's and BTS in general. Of course,if you don't stan BTS you can still join the server :))

We are a small community server hoping to grow, we have bots and sometimes game nights we welcome everyone.

A server im working on to provide non disturbing topics to discordians you can opt in and out of discord topics at any time!

Ever been a dragon? you haven't?? well your in luck!! I have the server just for you. Become a dragon and be part of this amazing, friendly, cool dragon community. This is the dragons lair!!!

For kp.creates’ tik tok account

MOVIE NIGHTSSS! We host movie nights, join us and rip on B movies! Or watch good movies!

A community growth server for small creators!

GVO discord server


This server is a server for anyone and everyone who loves a good vibe ✨

A friendly and chill community server for people who enjoy hanging out, making friends, and gaming.