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This server is a nice chill server where you can chat, make friends, have fun and most importantly feel safe

🚗Rocket League Trading! ✔ Trading on all platforms 🎁Almost daily giveaways! 🎉Fun chatting ✨ Active members and staff. 😁 Don't feel ashamed to ask anything! 🐱‍👤 level 1 boosted! (2 boosts) 😎Come in and drink a cup of thea with us!

Versus Saloon est un serveur gaming français où vous pourrez discuter avec d'autres joueurs sur de nombreux jeux ( Apex, Fortnite, CoD, etc..) mais vous pourrez aussi discuter d'autres sujets (manga, films, musique, séries)

an among us discord server for private lobbies

Carnifism: wanting to consentually hurt or be hurt by someone. Different from BDSM, because BDSM often has sexual undertones or focus, and less severe types of pain, while carnifism doesn't.

🌈Welcome to Pride Paradise🌈 We are a small LGBTQ+ Hangout server that accepts everyone no matter of gender or sexual identity. We have an awesome community that accepts and helps everyone who may need it, even allies can join! so come on and join!

OwO discord server


We are an anime and gaming server though we mainly focus on anime

A friendly server for programmers and coders. We have a q/a, polls, discussions, bots, and more! Please consider joining if you like programming in any language.

En este pequeño servidor buscamos reunir a los fans de juegos clásicos como Pvz (1, 2 o cualquiera), Angry Birds y otros juegos

The apocalypse is a dangerous place without friends

A fun hangout server!

Our server motive is yo help growing youtubers ,sreamers and give opportunity to players for competition

This server for everyone that feels stupid but is actually intelligent. Basically for depressed f*cks that want some entertainment or just crazy idiots. This server is ruled by weebs! I often get offended by peoples opinions so sry if I kick u randomly!

CSGO France👥 est un serveur discord communautaire csgo français de 50K personnes ! 👉 Qu’est-ce que tu attends ? Rejoins nous ➡ https://discord.gg/kTxKkVtCn7

Explore different places in the city and make new friends! Get to the roles you want, get the “job” that you’d like! Become a student, a teacher, or maybe be part of the police department!

hello, we are a small server help us grow! mostly a apex legends server but we will be there for battlefield 2042 >:)