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Still work in progress but please join.

Are you bored and lonely in quarantine? if so, this server is perfect for you! This server is a place to talk with people, and get to know them better. Join Now!

This is the community server for the youtuber `CodesterDubs`

If you are someone who does not want to engage in random conversation, look the other way. Some of us are friendly.

A new, and growing Splatoon community for everyone to enjoy!

a server for almost anything, anime, gaming, cooking, and socialising

We welcome anyone that likes to game and also just to talk or chill with the homies. We are a small community right now but we want to grow our server!! All of us are active daily and more people are active during the night!!

This is a community of nearly 2000 strong for people (particularly young adults with some capital) who want to discuss trading and investment. Focused on: gaming, tech and commodities (gold/silver)

Talk about rats, pokemon or make friends.

Nitro finders is a server were we give your share you **LEGIT** nitro Giveaway servers 💎 We would love for you too join us! And maybe you might win nitro in other servers

Best Sauce For Your Needs With Daily Updates and OF Content !

We are a Twitch and Gaming community. We play simulation games on pc and other games on console to relax and have a good time. There are quite a few of us who are on voice chat on a daily basis.

Hey, want to chill with some awesome YouTubers? Well here is your chance at BuRn Ghantz.

We are a team of freelance writers and tutors. We do academic essays, research papers and online classes at affordable prices. Email us: [email protected]

basically just a kylie jenner fandom

!! As of 09/17/20 we are hosting a 2 week lasting give away for a xbox pc gamepass !!