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We are a Christian server. Please join

We do things, and we socialize.

This is a server for people living in the state of Tennessee and the surrounding areas to come and make friends. Maybe find more. All ages are welcome! Come one in, make friends, and have fun.

This server talks about serial killers, notable murders, and killings. It is, at times, NSFW. We also talk about unsolved Mysteries, cuts/extremists, conspiracies theories and much much more

Welcome to Roblox Development! We are a small server that focuses on developers! We would love to see your work! Stop by! We have plenty of places to put your work!

Kommt rein und lasst einfach ne gechillte Zeit haben. Von Games ΓΌber Dank Memes bis hin zu Talks ist alles dabei. Neue Leute kennen lernen, mit alten abhΓ€ngen.

Multi-Gaming community not long been in operation but hoping to bring a whole bunch of people together to play a series of games, we have gamers from WoW to CSGO/COD

Soon to be a diverse community of people to speak and learn about different topics. Topics include Religion, politics, lgbt+ and more! This server is aiming for everyone to feel welcome and safe and is open to new ideas!

Want to play with bots or want to host your own bot you can join our server now

We're a small, super inclusive server for anyone who's interested in having a small community to stream, game, cosplay or draw with.

Where Cryptocurrency and Gaming enthusiasts congregate! Talk about Crypto and work together to find the best projects to invest and trade in! Game together during downtime while markets are in correction!

The best way of relaxing and communicate!

The dynamic and collaborative Discord Server, Η€ame Ζ§tation Here we do lots of fun stuff which keeps you entertaining!!

we made this server in the hope of getting a nice big compuity where everyone tries to help each other with things like: _coding _art _ethical hacking

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