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Hello! We own a chill/dating discord server but we are not soft. We allow you to be normal humans, express your opinions, and have freedom of speech. This server is very new so please bear with us. We are open to new mods and suggestions!

Newest Private Server In 2020

Welcome to M0THER ! An unique community of creative people who enjoy chatting, sharing, roleplaying and more ! The server is pretty recent so we are still open to suggestions. Join now !

sin's lair is a layed back relaxed server with the best bots you can have! We have a wide variety of emotes 2! friendly staff and custom roles! so join today!

This server is a fun, non-toxic community with great staff and good times!

Welcome to Mooni's Reality Show, a server dedicated to chatting and helping others shift realities! We are an extremely active server with 325 amazing members. We have very simple rules, and we currently have an election going on! I hope to see you here.

A 13-17 Mental Health and Addiction peer support server!

JustinGamez is a fun Gaming Discord server with fun events & a great community! With Fun Roles & Weekly Minecraft Giveaways!

We are a casual and eclectic community for discussing politics and current events.

A Gundam IBO Roleplay server where you can be relatively freeform in terms of who you are. With a unique salvaging system and several factions, we can say we offer a robust roleplay experience in the Gundam franchise.

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Welcome to the Banana Milk Factory ! This is a 13+ Asian community server, where people can make friends, discuss interests, and chill. We have plenty of bots and events along with a variety of channels and self roles.

he Animal Crossing New Horizons Discord Server for: - Hosting Events - Trading Items - Enjoying Good Fun. Come Join Plenty of other Users Willing to Trade and Have Fun!

A server with ocean animal based roles and an ocean-based theme. Come here to chat, chill, show your art, buy a profile photo from me, game, make friends, talk about books, and more!

The Money Printer is the ultimate free education center for stock traders! We offer free tutorials for beginners, penny stock traders, and options traders along with free stock trade signals. Come make money with us!

A variety server with a friendly group of folks founded by Nik Coffee.