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A server a friends that stream on Twitch. We're a little on the "edgy" side but stay ToS safe please.

⊹꒷\💜⸝⸝Ding Ding!੭ˎˊ˗ ╰╮・\🍇ଓ₊˚ You've received an invitation to... ﹕₊˚ଘ\☁️˚ SWAGNATION! ഒ𓂅‧₊ ✦ ୧・ **┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ** ꒷︶꒥꒷︶\🔮੭ We offer... ‧₊˚ ﹕ᘏ꒰\💜・ Best meme emojis ﹕ʚ\💭・ Purp and white aesthetic ﹕ᘏ꒰\🍇・ Friendly people ﹕ʚ☁️・ Giveaways

Vault 42 is a new community-based server. Join today, and help the server grow!

Cannabisseurs (THC) is a complete community discord experience. We play mostly mobile games like Among Us and Brawl Stars as well as encourage discord activity with events, fun bots, and all sorts of other things!

This super hero themed server is a place dedicated to Briman’s fans.

A community server for like-minded people who want to step up their online money making game! GPT sites, affiliate marketing, web development, dropshipping, passive income and more!

Hi! We are Vulture Tournaments & Scrims. We are a Discord server based on Fortnite, you can look for teammates, play our customs or just chill!

This is my community Server with the Goal of reaching 500 members!

a furry gaming dc server tryna get big

Cold War Boosting Lobby’s! Cheap: Max Level (200-100) Max Guns Dark Aether Camo Lobby’s

come make friends! we're all really chill and nice and supportive of each other we also play pubg and whatever games you might wanna play! SAFE SPACE! no homophobic, transphobia, racism, or any sort of discrimination will be tolerated

Hi I'm Silver and this is my server. Here we roleplay in Shindo Life and we are currently making a "anime" but instead of being animated all of our members will be in it! In this anime there will be: 1.Opening theme song 2. Cool fight scenes

We are a SFW but swearing server that's themed off of Minecraft's "Nether world." We're very small, and do hope to grow but we hope you come to join us! If you don't, that's alright! We don't mind! We won't force you to join or stay!

Vibe Checkpoint, It Just Hits Different. Vibe Checkpoint is a server with wonderful staff, a strong community full of great people, gaming at its finest and cool roles to collect. Come join us a Vibe Checkpoint because why not have some fun!

A chill server where people vibe and interact.