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inverno's is a chill server aesthetic server where we're just vibin. talk about literature, music, art, or just anything.

Studio Helpers is a server made about roblox studio!

We are a low moderated and fun community, welcoming people of all interests and based on gaming and having fun! Aiming to grow larger and to give back to our community with giveaways, tournaments and many more fun events!

we host among us games in the among us app and on the discord chat

༄ Greek Mythology theme ༄ Booster exclusive perks ༄ Self roles ༄ Multiple event nights ༄ Aesthetic channels and cute emotes

We're a server with plenty to offer like different channels and bots you can play around with. Feel free to join!

A small but interactive community with good vibes all around!

We're a dragon ball community that uses our own bot that includes power levels, training, fighting, fusion, story mode, side quests and more!

In this server we talk about anything appropriate, but mostly Garfield comics!

A Server Designed for All Ages, a Community Based Server which Focuses on the Positive by Gathering Uplifting People into one Channel.

Free-for-all Gaming server -Custom roles with games -Find your partner to play with -See streaming games on voice channels -Game nights everyday -Music bots and channels -Friendly staff -anime channels


Wow! A chill server that accepts all types of people! Gamers, Vibers, Stoners, Not furries tho fuck off. We play all kinds of games here and are constantly adding more if requested so just fucking join the server. Yeah, that's about it but seriously it's

Roblox Game Development and community server

we love smosh its the best

Just a small group of minecraft fans