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⚡️Taking reselling to the next level.⚡️ Beginner friendly Discord community, tools, monitors, guides and more! - ViX Cook Group -

Welcome to Everdale Academy! Located in the forests of South Dakota, this school is a great place for any student, magic powers, or none. We're a relatively new server so we're looking for new members to help us get the server going! :)

Hi i am figs welcome to world of figs plz join Ok bye

Clinical Insane Division bestaat al sinds Battlefield 1942, onze leden zijn dus al wat ouder, 30+. Wij zijn daarom op zoek naar mensen die een leuke en relaxte clan zoeken om mee te gamen.

V:TM V20 Server taking place in 2021 NYC. Camarilla heavy, with Sabbat and Anarch influences.

Gaming/streaming/art/memes server!

Hey, if you want come join my discord server, here we have a lot of fun, we talk about anime and we play a waifu roulette game with the discord bot mudae, they are other games you can play here but that is the best one. So ye come join if you want to

A peaceful and friendly environment that is safe from the generally toxic nature of the internet.

You're looking for a cool server where you can meet friends? No problem! We're a little community with events such as movie nights, an own bot and more...!

Roblox fun game...

➤ ꒰Hangout & vibe꒱ ✦ ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : sfw ・non-toxic ・ friendly ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : self promo・partnerships ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : semi-active server ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : no @ everyone or @ here pings ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : a good variety and clear layout ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : a good amount of bots

A stocks and options trading community with live spy scalps

Server Italiano da gaming e generale, inoltre è possibile ottenere dei rank in base al rapporto che si ha con gli staffer o in base al tempo di gioco. Disponibili anche rank limitati. Vi aspettiamo!

This is the server when owner is -|LR|-AleG-|#4746 this discord server is for just fun and promote your self with streams and new roles #Streamers and others!

server with no rules! spam NSFW, say n-word, do whatever. I honestly don't care :D

Game with your friend