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✧ A wholesome community for everyone! ✧ Great staff that are very active ✧ Lots of socializing ✧ Starting out small but plan to be a bigger server, rewarding long time members ✧ Lots of topics to view and talk about with others ✧ Server roles

NSFW content selling server where buyers and sellers meet and chat.

In Madden Franchises we play franchises in the latest versions of Madden. We will be kicking off our first season soon so be sure to join!

Osmium | UHC Network Info 1.7/1.8 UHC Network with BuildUHC Meetups and Practice game modes. Features 💰PayPal UHC Tournaments ⚔️ Practice Tournaments 🏅24/7 BuildUHC Meetups 📣 Giveaways Links 🌍 Website: https://www.osmiumpvp.net/

Save The Storm is a Fortnite server where you can hang out and have fun. Lots of ranks and stuff to do. Come hang out!

Home of the TRMS! Clan!

Welcome to 21™ a chill server to talk and make friends. We include *Partnerships (pm the owner) *Boost permissions *Applications (pm the owner) *Aesthetic type vibe *Emotes *Polls & Reaction roles *Gifs & Icons * & also NSFW

We are a community server, We we are pushing is to get a happy server that has all wonderful people in it this is why we want you to join. It Free why not give it a try(look at long description for more) or add ֆʍɨʟɛ#7777 on discord

This server is a joke based around cliche characters that I made up. Here you can chat, share art, or roleplay.

TBY’s Server is a community server to have fun and chat with people.

A sever where members of the LGBTQ+ community can get together and play games, hang out, and just vibe.

Justice! A Gaming Discord. Large community with over 1k members! We love to socialize, and regularly try to have events and stuff.

Anime Chill is a small anime server with a growing community not many members yet but I hope we start to gain some in hope to turn it into a non toxic but active community.

Piratki i piraci przybywajcie do Big Mamy, stworzymy wspólnie wielką załogę/ rodzinę. Serwer skupia się na graniu, anime i tworzeniu rzeczy, takich jak rysunki, muzyka czy inne.

Hello! Our server is meant to help people just starting or with experience in reselling hype items. We have a lot of monitors and information that can be useful and get you some profits. Join while we are in beta and we'll make sure you guys learn a lot!!