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We are a upcoming gaming server that hopes will get the attention it deserves. The server is very well designed with over a year in making. It has all the things you would need to lead you thru your gaming and overall Discord career.

Globe is a new public server made for the community! you can do everything on there and there is events! come join globe and start your adventure <3

Founded in 2016, We are a team of gaming enthusiasts and Linux experts who are passionate about 7 Days to Die. We host gaming servers and management solutions for 7 days to die and have a vibrant community we'd love for you to be a part of!

A very chill gaming chat for the homies, male or female, those in between, and 420 friendly.

A great server for adventure time fans to hang out. we have active chats, movie nights watching YOUR favourite episodes and more. TRUST ME, if you LOVE Adventure Time Then You Will LOVE this server too!

A place where you can chill! Make new friends! Talk! Anime! Memes! And more!

A server made by itsoutchy, we have a ton of fun channels! Even test ones.

Welcome to Pinoy Crypto Society. Here you can learn more about cryptocurrency; Trading and Mining.

Originally a League of Legends themed server, we now host many other games as well as anime, manga and music! News, games, recommendations, fun bots, custom roles, and people to hangout and play with and make new friends!

a place where you can meet new people to play with

A growing gaming and technology community with weekly movie nights, in game events, and giveaways! We are working with a few different streamers to provide content to keep you guys talking all night!

We are trying to gain members so please join our fun and growing server!

Minecraft building discord server. Made for builders, by builders.

its a trade center pls join

On this server, you can: hang out with friends, talk about gaming, participate in giveaways and events, and have fun.

welcome to the WHORE HOUSE! thats literally all I have to say,