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A Fun Server with music, memes, games and lots of people

Greetings! Come you don't get shocked when you read about us. Why should you be apart of the SHOCK Mod Menu community? We're all friendly here, and try our best to keep it that way. Enjoy our ecosystem, and hey there's a lot more, we promise.

Zone lounge is a small discord community where you can make new friends and have a fun and chill time.

Cash money is a way to make new friends, This is a new server I have been working on so it may be dead and not have many people at first, but hopefully you stay and have fun!

In Tame's TreeHouse you could do many things to have fun. we're a chill community that doesn't discriminate against anyone! We care about all our members and my goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and have fun. We have multiple things we could do he

Hey we host minecraft challenges like mr.beast and skeppy!

Welcome to Gamer Street, where we have many different gaming chats for you to choose from!

Rain Room is a friendly, community driven server open to anyone of any age, ethnicity, or sexuality. Come check us out!

Just a chill place to hang, listen to music and talk to new people.

This is a community server called Phlame. We hope to have an Active community of members soon.

A place to talk about books.

Fluffy World is one of the friendliest PokΓ©mon as well as Community based servers to join. Our server is active and entertaining. We have multiple pokemon, community as well as art based channels for you to chat, duel, share your artwork and have fun in.

A fun and welcoming gaming community looking to chat and chill! We have channels for all kinds of topics and interests - games , film, music, art, memes, etc.

Fun little stupid chatting meme server

Are you seeking a place to make new friends or chat with people?. Then Friend Of Mine is the perfect place for you!. We have a friendly community and tons of bots to use!.

Come be a MAD LEGEND