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Come hang with the boys. a cool server, make new friends

This server is a hub for anyone wishing to manifest or heal using the chakra system.

Hey we are a small server trying to grow we would love if you joined

(18+) Hello all and welcome to the Beast breeding farm and we are taking applications for females,femboys and futas, there will be someone that will give you the details before you get to work. We accept both doms and subs here and any gender is welcome.

Reborn is a new server for the 16+ roleplay community. Go through the events, uncover truths, make a name in this ever-growing universe! It all happens in Star Wars: Reborn!

Lumine is a safe and fun community with awesome members and very nice staff!

Welcome To The Harem Legacy!, we are a new server that has just sprung up recently, we are looking for members to start kicking off the server, we are an ERP (Erotic Roleplay) Server based on Anime, Manga, Video-Games And More!

One of the biggest Predator hunting Server on Discord. We are against pedos ,MAP suppporters/members and Lolicons 🔏

Can't grow your server? Well this is for you. With many channels to promote in, you can get many members!

Hey everyone, chat in our server about your interests and ideas for your music! If you are interested, visit our website @unablemusicgroup.com. We do music distribution, promotion, marketing, and much more.

Introducing The House Consortium, a new space for Producers, DJ’s & everybody who shares the love of House Music.

Chat about all things Disney and listen to authentic Disney Parks music.

Join the C L A P E D D D D ' S Discord Server! Come chat, game and play games with bots and others! Can't wait to see you there!

Hi! Welcome to my gacha server, we're a small server with fun bots, music, good moderation, and more!

known is a discord editing server/editing clan. at known you can find editing help, interact with fellow editors, and of course, have fun!