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We are a server with a lot of potential and a nice community

Funhouse for Dummies is a discord server where you can chill with random strangers and make friends.

Do you want amazon store cards for EXTREMELY cheap? Join our discord now to start selling your items or find out how you can get a $1,000 store card for as low as $10!

A very friendly and fun community, we love new friends and people. Feel free to play games, chill, or just talk! ((:

FG discord server


Friend Group Server, We Play Minecraft,Roblox, and MORE! We also do GIVEAWAYS

This server is for people that want to learn coding or any type of technologic stuff

Freshly made server with a banterous community and heartwarming Hiiiii's. Also daily Pingu gifs for you to enjoy, give us a try (; Most active during EU daytime as then we are all awake. Extra smooch if you join within 5 minutes of the bump

Black Nationalist podcast strategizing Black Empowerment for the global African community.

Youtube kanalım için bir sunucu.

Welcome to the guild, Adventurer! We built this server specifically to connect with people outside of our stream! Come in, sit down and lay back, your in for a good time!

Perfect place for people who want a chill server to talk about kpop, anime, kdramas, etc. All are welcome!

This sever is for chads only! but I can make an exception for you.

A server where we code, make sm64 bloopers and much much more, in fact we do a lot of this.

Greetings, and welcome to E.l.m. Branches, the place for Elven lore-masters, artists and fans! You may discuss about any kinds of Elves here and roleplay , from ancient epics to modern high fantasy. We also have a Quora space.

Join this server if you’re a fan of EDEN/ Eden Project/ Jonathan Ng his music and want to be in a close-relationship community with 50+ users! It's an active server with a bunch of bots like the Spotify statistic FM bot, Dankmemer, Arcane leveling, Mafia

A chill place to make some new friends! We're a small server so the admin team is very active in chats as well as VC's! Come join us today and make some new friends.